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July 2013


Dear Colleague,
In an effort to keep you up-to-date on all that is happening at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, we are excited to launch Pediatric Update, a bi-weekly newsletter featuring reviews of our services and programs, introductions of new physicians and reminders of upcoming events. We hope you find this information helpful.


George Lister, MD

Michael G. Caty, MD

Cynthia N. Sparer
Executive Director

Pediatric Surgery at YNHCH

A message from Michael G. Caty, MD

I am pleased to give you an update regarding Pediatric Surgery at YNHCH. Since my arrival in January 2012, significant changes have occurred in the section. During the past year and a half we have recruited four surgeons and an endocrinologist to our practice. Our new surgeons are Doruk Ozgediz, MD; Emily-Christison Lagay, MD; Robert Cowles, MD; and David Stitleman, MD, who joins our practice on August 1. Catherine Dinauer, MD, supports our pediatric thyroid program.

Meet the team:
Michael Caty, MD Catherine Dinauer, MD
Emily Christison-Lagay, MD Dorok Ozgediz, MD
Robert Cowles, MD

We have also hired additional staff to support Pediatric Surgery and now have four advanced practice nurses as part of our team. They are: Daniella Marcoccia, APRN; Isabel Torres, APRN; Alefteria Manchisi, APRN; and Lisa Sagnella, ARPN.

We continue to provide the traditional continuum of pediatric surgical care ranging from ambulatory surgery, such as hernia repair to advanced thoracoscopic treatment of pediatric lung lesions. Our recruitment has also created new and improved services, including chest wall repair, management of unusual solid tumors, management of complicated esophageal and airway problems, and management of short gut. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge surgical treatment of pediatric patients in an environment that places the family and the patient at the center of our treatment plan. For more information about our program, please call 203.785. 2701, or email me:

Y Access adds Pediatric Consultation Service

Based on the overwhelming success of the Y Access Line — Yale-New Haven Hospital's 24/7 phone service that helps referring physicians expedite patient transfers to the hospital — Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital has added a companion Pediatric Consultation Service for pediatric providers. The service allows providers to speak directly with YNHCH pediatric specialists to discuss patient management or the need for referral for their patients. This same hotline — 888.964.4233 — can also be called for help with urgent issues or to arrange an emergency transfer.

"What's most important about the Pediatric Consultation Service is the rationale that underlies it," said George Lister, MD, physician-in-chief at YNHCH and chair of pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine. "Referring physicians have access to consultation when it is needed, not hours later, after the patient has left and it becomes tedious to follow up on the problem."

Secondarily, the service builds an essential relationship between the faculty — in the pediatrics department or in the medical center — and the practitioners who are in need of an exchange of ideas. "Ideas don't flow in only one direction," Dr. Lister stated. "We learn what people have concerns about or may not understand, and vice versa. We're more than just a place where, when someone doesn't know what to do, they send the patient. We have an obligation to be a resource for a community larger than southern Connecticut, and this is one way to be able to reach out and interact."

Nicole Graham: A Heroic Recovery

High school student Nicole Graham was diagnosed with leukemia during her junior year and soon found herself in the PICU with life-threatening complications. Her disease is in remission now — she attended her junior prom — and she remembers fondly the care she received at YNHCH, from expert physicians and some very special nurses.

Pediatric Consultation Service

For patient consultation, help with an urgent issue or to arrange an emergency transfer to YNHCH, please call our Pediatric Consultation Service Y Access Line, 888.964.4233.

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