Administration (as of 9/30/11)

Ambulatory Services Division
Diana Ellison
Oncology Services
Arthur Lemay
Smilow Cancer Hospital Project
William J. Mahoney
Community and Government Affairs
Kyle Ballou
Performance Management
Andrea L. Benin, MD
Donald Waggaman
Marketing and Communications
Robert B. Hutchison, III
Psychiatric Hospital
Sabina Lim, MD


Administrative Departments

Admitting and Bed Management
Tamrah Riley
Heart & Vascular Center
Francine LoRusso, RN
Plant and Clinical Engineering
Douglas Doyle
Ambulatory Services
Roberta Chuong
Laboratory Medicine
Peter Marone
Professional Practice and Education
Patricia Span, RN
Clinical Effectiveness
Kathleen Tynan-McKiernan
Legal and Risk Services
Alisa N. Fay
Protectice Services and Parking
Nicholas Proto
Clinical Performance
Carol Barsky, MD
Materials Management
Carlos Lourenco
Psychiatric Services
Merlyn LaPaix, RN
Center for Outcomes, Research Evaluation (CORE)
Jennifer Mattera
Occupational Health Services
Mark Russi, MD
Nursing Clinical Transformation
Ellen Makar
Community Health
Stephanie Bilskis, RN
Off Shift Administration
Tahiry Sanchez, RN
Quality Assurance
William Crede, MD
Day Care Center
Jody Platner
Oncology Services
Catherine Lyons, RN
Radiation Therapy
Nicholas Papale
Suher Baker, DMD
Operations Support
Sandra Bacon
Recruitment & Staffing
Nancy Collins
Diagnostic Radiology
Cheryl Granucci
Outpatient Registration and HIM
Harry Nicholls
Religious Ministries
Rev. Susan Asher
Emergency Services
Carol Codeanne, RN
Patient Accounts
Bernard Lane
Respiratory Care & Rehabilitation Services
Michael Parisi
Environmental Services
Robert Frankel
Patient Services
Carol Just, RN
Kathleen Kenyon, RN
Shoreline Medical Center
Stephen Bencivengo
Louise Dembry, MD
Pediatric Services
Marcelle Applewhaite, RN (interim)
Social Work
Paula Crombie, MSW
Facilities Design and Construction
C. Bradford Bevers
Perioperative Services
Joseph Lederer
Douglas Vaughn, MD
Ena Williams, RN
Volunteer, Patient & Guest Services
Jeannette Hodge
Michael Loftus
Michael Savino
Keith Tandler
Stephen Zimmerman
Pharmacy Services
Lorraine Lee
Women's Services
Susan Maxwell
Food and Nutritional Services
Jennifer Pascucci
Physician Services
Theresa Zinck Lederer
Graduate Medical Education
Rosemarie Fisher, MD
Planning and Business Development
Jean Ahn