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Yale-New Haven Hospital has a neurosurgery operating room in which everything revolves around the patient. Literally.

3T MRI Integrated Neuro Suite

In 2010, Yale-New Haven became the first hospital in the world to offer the 3 Tesla MRI neuro suite - which includes the world's strongest intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging with biplane x-ray angiography. This new revolutionary intraoperative MRI provides high-quality images before, during and after a neurosurgical procedure - without ever moving the patient. Because the scanner moves instead of the patient, the patient never needs to be repositioned - an important benefit with neurosurgery.

While about 20 hospitals in the U.S. have intraoperative MRI facilities, YNHH has the only combination suite that can be used for both neurosurgical and neurovascular procedures. With biplane angiography, procedures are quicker because two angles of the imaging area are captured simultaneously. This allows physicians to target problem areas more quickly. And because of the rapid imaging speed, less contrast dye is required and there is less radiation exposure.

Previously, patients needing brain surgery received a pre-surgical MRI in an imaging suite; then were brought to the operating suite for surgery. Hours, or sometimes days after surgery, the patient would have a follow-up MRI to determine the effectiveness of the surgery. Only then would the surgeon be able to decide if the patient required repeat surgery or another form of management for the condition.

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3T MRI Integrated Neuro Suite

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