Bariatric Surgery

Resources & Support

Yale-New Haven Hospital's commitment to comprehensive, compassionate care for weight loss patients reaches beyond the examination room. We provide access to a variety of support services and resources for potential, pre- and post-operative bariatric surgery patients.

Resources & Support

Comprehensive Follow-up Care

At Yale-New Haven Hospital, surgeons closely monitor patients after all weight-loss procedures. Routine follow-up visits are scheduled at two weeks, two months, six months, and 12 months following surgery. When necessary, visits may continue further out. During these exams, physicians review personalized health, diet, exercise, medication and vitamin/mineral requirements and track progress with patients. These visits are also a good time for patients to discuss any post-operative problems or concerns with their surgeons.

Free Bariatric Support Group

Our free bariatric patient support group meets monthly and welcomes individuals considering, preparing for, and working to stay on track after weight-loss surgery. The group is led by Elizabeth McMahon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

New Haven

First Tuesday of every month
6-7 p.m.
Temple Medical Center
60 Temple Street, lower level
Fusco Auditorium

For details call (203) 789-6327

Additional Group:

Weight Loss Surgery Success Skills Group
A 6-week class run by Elizabeth McMahon, this group focuses on the behaviors that promote long lasting weight loss and health maintenance. Open houses are held at intervals; contact Lindsay Burke, (203) 785-6060 for more information.

(203) 789-6237