SRC emergency phone number changes to 155 on April 1

As of Monday, April 1, the emergency phone number on both YNHH campuses will be 155. Employees do not need to dial 9 before the 155, since 155 is an internal number only. YNHH moved to the use of the 1-5-5 emergency phone number in 2011; the Saint Raphael Campus will move to it on April 1, and stickers with the new phone number will be placed on all SRC phones.

The 1-5-5 emergency phone number applies to all YNHH buildings in New Haven. In an emergency, hospital properties in towns outside New Haven will continue to access their local police and fire departments by calling 911.

In addition, both campuses will use the same emergency codes for overhead paging:

Emergency issue New Code
Internal/external disaster emergency management (mass casualty incedent) CODE D
Fire/smoke CODE RED
Adult medical emergency / resuscitate patient CODE BLUE
Pediatric medical emergency / resuscitate patient CODE WHITE
Hostile/violent individual CODE SILVER
Infant/child abduction CODE AMBER

The Code Silver and Code Amber overhead paging codes are also new to the York Street Campus. When employees call 1-5-5 to report an emergency, they must give their name, location and the nature of the emergency (such as fire, need for emergency resuscitation, hostile individual, infant or child abduction).