Great Catch winners help YNHH become a high reliability organization

Nikol Jackson and Claudine Hagan, RN
Nikol Jackson and Claudine Hagan, RN

YNNH's Patient Safety and Quality Committee started the Great Catch award program in 2011 to recognize employees for reporting near-misses or potential problems before patients are harmed.

The program, expanded to the Saint Raphael Campus in 2013, is now an important part of the hospital's efforts to become a high reliability organization (HRO).

"These Great Catch stories are real examples of how both clinical and non-clinical employees are using HRO behaviors to protect patients' safety," said Thomas Balcezak, MD, senior vice president, Safety and Quality. "Once all employees learn and begin using these safety behaviors, we expect to have more great catches."

The February Great Catch winners, who used HRO safety behaviors to protect patients, are:

Saint Raphael Campus
Nikol Jackson, clerical associate, Emergency Department, used a questioning attitude when a patient arrived in the ED agitated and speaking unintelligibly. Rather than make assumptions about what was wrong, Jackson observed the patient and realized he was hearing-impaired and having trouble communicating. Jackson, who knows some sign language, began signing with the patient while the nurse called a sign language interpreter. The interpreter was able to learn the patient's medical complaints so he could receive appropriate treatment.

York Street Campus
Claudine Hagan, RN, ventricular assist device coordinator, Advanced Heart Failure Center, received the Great Catch award for demonstrating attention to detail and 200% accountability in protecting a patient's safety. While reviewing a record she saw a recommendation for a repeat CT scan on a patient with a spleen injury, and brought the recommendation to her colleagues' attention. The repeat scan was performed and revealed that despite a previous treatment, the patient continued to have bleeding. The patient's discharge plans were cancelled and surgeons performed a successful splenectomy.