Making Living Arrangements

These resources offered by the Family Caregiver Alliance provide information about accommodating your loved one's housing and living needs. | more

Billing & Insurance

Keeping insurance statements, bills and medical records organized can ensure you get the most out of insurance plans and federal assistance programs. Our financial counselors can help too. | more

Online Caregiver Communities & Publications

National Family Caregivers Association - Providing education, support, empowerment and advocacy for caregivers

State of Connecticut Resources

  • Programs for Elders - Information for older residents and their caregivers about health insurance, housing, long term care insurance, legal issues and more.
  • Programs for People with Disabilities - Information for people with disabilities and their caregivers about medical services, food assistance, financial support, employment and more.
  • Programs for People with HIV/AIDS - Information for people with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers about medical services, housing, food and financial assistance.
  • Statewide Respite Care Program - Offers relief to stressed caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's Disease or related dementia's

Government Resources

Find A Doctor

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