Dan and Patsy Park

The pediatrics residency program director and the residents we met during the interview process convinced us that Yale-New Haven Hospital was the right choice for us.

Patsy and I couples matched at Yale-New Haven Hospital. We weren't married when we interviewed and the pediatrics residency program director asked me at the end of the interview, "What are your intentions?"

Pediatrics is a nice specialty because, for the most part, everyone is pretty easy-going. That's definitely the case at Yale-New Haven, where we've become good friends with a lot of people in our program, from attendings to residents.

We live in downtown New Haven, in Wooster Square, which is a really nice neighborhood. We came from Washington, DC, and were pleased with the affordability of the area. We live in a two-bedroom townhouse, go out to restaurants and movies, and, luckily, are able to put some money away every month.