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ACGME Awards

2011 ACGME Institutional Coordinator Award – Karen McCausland, MBA  To honor and recognize the very crucial role that institutional coordinators play in the success of residency program, the ACGME is proud to announce its newest award, the GME Institutional Coordinator Excellence Award. As most residents, fellows, program directors, faculty and ancillary staff know, the institutional coordinator has a pivotal position within the residency. Everyone depends on the institutional coordinator to know graduate medical education and what the process is for internal reviews.

The ACGME is equally dependent on these individuals to wear the many hats of administrator, counselor,enforcer, coordinator, organizer, scheduler, and institutional review document (IRD) maven.

Residents Awards

2011 AAMC Organization of Resident Representatives Resident Physician Community Service Award – Eric Arzubi, MD (Psychiatry)  For the work that Dr. Arzubi has done in schools and advocacy for children’s mental health policy, he received this award. Dr. Arzubi is particularly talented with advocacy issues.

Power Day

Since 2003, Yale School of Medicine has successfully implemented a two-day course entitled "Power Day," during which students confront the issues of use and abuse of power in health care relationships. The course is based on the medical education research literature showing that students are influenced by — and often adopt — the professional behavior modeled for them by their superiors. The educational premise is the following: When addressing the behavior of health care professionals who medical students deem more powerful, if the behavior is left unexamined, students run the risk of imitating, adapting and concluding that these behaviors are the "right" way to act — whether unprofessional or professional.

Annually, students select residents from each field who have demonstrated the appropriate use of "power." Residents selected for 2011 are:

Jason Heavner, MD (Internal Medicine)
Jorunn Atladottir (Surgery)
Connor Telles (Orthopedics)
Brooks Walsh (Emergency Medicine)
Jack Curiale (Neurology)
Gretchen Hermes (Psychiatry)
Malachi Courtney (Med-Peds)
Marianthe Grammas (Med-Peds)


The Betsy Winters House Staff Award

The Betsy Winters House Staff Award, established in 1972 by the Fourth-Year Class, is presented annually to that member of the House Staff of Yale-New Haven Hospital, designated by the graduating class, who has made the most significant contribution to the education of medical students.

Past recipients of the award have included:

2011 Anup Patel, MD
2010 Loren Berman, MD
2009 Joshua Silverstein, MD
2008 Vikram Reddy, MD
2007 Damani Piggot, MD, PhD
2006 Robert W. Chang, MD
2005 Jennifer Gaudiani, MD

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