Services for Residents and Fellows

Yale-New Haven Hospital offers a range of support services to residents, fellows and their families. For more information, or answers to any questions you have, contact the House Staff Office.

Services for Residents and Fellows


There is a Bank of America branch office and ATM on the first floor of the Clinic Building (789 Howard Ave. entrance). There is also an office for the Yale New Haven Healthcare Federal Credit Union, located in the basement of the Clinic Building (20 York St. entrance), Room 80 CB. Members of the credit union enjoy free checking, a Visa credit card, direct deposit, auto and personal loans, online banking and other services. For more information, call 203.688.4585 or visit the Yale New Haven Healthcare Federal Credit Union Web site.


During the course of the year, the House Staff Office will make announcements and provide details about seminars for residents and fellows offered through Yale-New Haven.

Wellness Program

Resident and fellows have access to Yale-New Haven's wellness program, which includes advice and counseling on exercise, diet, parenting and other health issues. For information, contact the House Office.

The "Guide to Services[PDF] lists other YNHH employee services.

Clubs & Organizations

Yale Medical Partners

Yale Medical Partners (YMP) is a Yale-sponsored organization for physicians and families associated with training and research programs at Yale-New Haven Hospital and its affiliates. YMP was established in 1979 to help families with their initial transition to the Greater New Haven area and to provide long-term support throughout training and beyond.

It is our goal to provide support for all members by offering a diverse array of social and recreational activities. Events are scheduled throughout the year and have included pizza parties, hay rides, brunches, wine tastings, and apple picking.

In addition, a number of clubs schedule monthly get-togethers. We also have weekly and monthly playgroups for children, and we support new additions to the family with "Helping Hands" carrying casseroles.

Members receive a monthly newsletter and a membership directory. Many people find these reasons enough to join, but the warm friendships developed through the group have proven to be invaluable during training years.

For more information, visit the Yale Medical Partners Web site

Gay-Straight Medical Alliance

The Gay-Straight Medical Alliance is the official Yale School of Medicine LGBT organization. It serves as a social organization as well as an outreach and political action group, holding events of interest to the Medical School LGBT students, faculty and staff.

The Gay-Straight Medical Alliance sponsor various social events to bring LGBT and straight students together from the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Physicians' Associate Program, and the School of Epidemiology and Public Health. It also organize educational events, discussion groups and guest lectures. Members have aided in organizing panel discussions for first-year medical students on LGBT issues in medical training and practice.

For more information, visit the Gay-Straight Medical Alliance Web site.

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