Grimes Center

Our Staff

Our staff’s expertise is working with rehabilitation patients. They receive numerous compliments from both patients and families on their professionalism and courtesy.

Our Staff
Grimes Center Staff
  • Our medical staff: Over 50 specialists including general medicine, orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation and more. Our new electronic medical record system means your caregivers have immediate access to your medical information – a real advantage in rapidly assessing and diagnosing your condition and is unparalleled at other rehabilitation facilities.
  • Our advanced practice nursing staff: Extensive experience in recovery and specially trained to work with rehabilitation patients. They will focus on your medication needs, ensure any pain or discomfort is managed, and closely monitor your nutritional health.
  • Our rehabilitation staff: Working with you up to twice a day, seven days a week in our large, fully equipped gym to regain strength, balance, coordination and your best range of motion as quickly as possible.

Our Physicians

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