Grimes Center


If you are recovering from knee, hip or spine surgery; a stroke; an injury; or need to rebuild your strength after an illness, Grimes Center has the resources and expertise to get you on your feet as quickly as possible.

Rehabilitation Services
Grimes Center Rehabilitation Services
  • Newly expanded gym area to build strength, regain balance and get you back on your feet
  • Activities of daily living area for practice with cooking, getting in and out of bed, personal hygiene and more
  • A specially trained staff of physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • One-on-one rehabilitation custom-designed for your specific needs
  • Physicians on staff who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Specially trained nurses to help you monitor and manage pain
  • Two rehabilitation sessions a day, seven days a week increase your progress and get you home more quickly
  • Staff to assist in assessing your home environment and making recommendations to ensure navigating your home is safe and easy

Our Physicians

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