Heart & Vascular Center

Cardiac CT Imaging

During the painless, non-invasive cardiac CT scan, an x-ray beam creates 3D images of the coronary arteries and cardiac chambers. Yale-New Haven physicians and scientists have led the development and use of multi-slice cardiac CT technology, which combines ultra-fast CT imaging with angiography to yield exceptionally high-resolution images used to diagnose and evaluate coronary and vascular disease and complex congenital conditions.

Cardiac CT Imaging
In the era of multi-detector CT technology, cardiac CT is an increasingly important tool in the evaluation of patients with cardiovascular disease. Yale-New Haven's Cardiac Imaging Center offers advanced cardiac CT technology, including dual-source and 64-slice cardiac CT scanners which can produce images that reveal whether or not the patient has coronary disease. The fast speed allows the scan to virtually freeze the heart's motion, enhancing diagnostic image quality and facilitating accurate assessment of plaque and blockages in the coronary arteries.