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At Yale-New Haven Hospital, we are committed to helping patients maintain healthy hearts. With leading-edge technology and years of experience in diagnosing and treating heart and vascular disease, our cardiac team provides comprehensive, compassionate care to cardiac patients so they may lead longer, healthier lives.

Maureen Caruso

Maureen: A Heart's Journey into Motherhood

Maureen Caruso's journey into motherhood offers hope to the growing number of women who survive childhood with congenital heart disease. Under the care of a collaborative team of cardiac and maternity experts at YNHH, Maureen—who underwent three open-heart surgeries before the age of six and has a pacemaker—delivered her daughter, Madelyn, free of complications and disease, in 2008 at the age of 28. As Dr. Pettker, who delivered Madelyn, explains: "It's serious medicine, with a happy ending."

Jim Mazziotti

Jim: Mending Hearts—in the Nick of Time

When Jim Mazziotti stepped out for a night of dancing with his wife, Christine, in 2007, a second heart attack was not the kind of excitement they were expecting. Lucky for Jim, the catheterization team at YNHH—always on the cutting edge of new angioplasty techniques—mobilized and was ready just minutes after his arrival to administer the appropriate diagnostic tests and treatment. The team identified a severe blockage in Mazziotti's circumflex artery that completely blocked the flow of blood to his heart, and immediately performed a life-saving angioplasty procedure—well within the American Heart Association's recommended standard "door-to-balloon" time of 90 minutes.

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