Heart & Vascular Center

A History of Innovation

Hospitals with a reputation for innovation often attract the most highly skilled professionals and provide the most comprehensive services. Throughout our history, the Heart & Vascular Center at Yale-New Haven Hospital has welcomed an impressive list of pioneering cardiology specialists, leading the way in developing cardiac diagnostic tools and treatments to help both adults and children with heart disease.

Milestones in Cardiac Care

2005 YNHH becomes the first U.S. hospital to successfully remove both left and right cardiac assist devices after recovery of native heart function in a patient awaiting heart transplant.
2004    Surgeons at YNHH are the first in New England to implant an artificial heart device, a Jarvik 2000.
1995 & 1997 The first documented heart transplants of adult twins were performed at YNHH, one in 1995 and one in 1997.
1996 The first Battista Heart Reduction surgery in Connecticut was performed at YNHH.
1992 The first successful heart transplant from an unmatched donor was performed at YNHH.
1988 Surgeons at YNHH performed the first heart-lung transplant operation in New England.
1985 The world's first fetal cardiovascular center opened at YNHH.
1984 Surgeons at YNHH performed the first heart transplant operation in Connecticut.
1957 Obstetricians at YNHH were the first to monitor fetal heartbeats.
1956 Surgeons at YNHH performed the first open heart surgery in Connecticut.
1949 William Glenn, MD, and William Sewell, MD created the first working heart-lung machine. The device, which was built from an erector set, is part of the Smithsonian's permanent collection.

Our Physicians

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