Heart & Vascular Center

Nuclear Cardiology and Stress Lab

The Nuclear Cardiology and Stress Lab at Yale-New Haven developed many of the radionuclide imaging techniques used widely throughout the world today.

Nuclear Cardiology

A staff highly trained in the use of state of the art diagnostic equipment, including hybrid Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT)/CT, Positron Emission Tomography (PET)/CT, gated SPECT blood pool imaging, and first pass imaging, provides patients with the best clinical cardiovascular imaging as well as the development and translation of new targeted molecular imaging for personalized medical care.

Our solid-state SPECT 64-slice CT imaging system, allows us to offer fusion of physiological and molecular radiotracer-based SPECT imaging with high-resolution CT imaging with reduced radiation exposure that surpasses the current national standard. This novel hybrid system has improved image quality and diagnostic accuracy.

Our PET imaging system allows us not only to determine if patients have coronary artery disease but also to evaluate specific groups of patients to determine if they would benefit from revascularization. Using PET, we can determine if patients with systemic sarcoidosis also have heart involvement.

Our physicians who specialize in nuclear cardiac imaging include leaders in the field and who work to improve patient care through the use of breakthrough nuclear technologies.