Maternity Services

Maternal Special Care Unit

Yale-New Haven Hospital's Maternal Special Care Unit is for women who need extra care during pregnancy or after delivery. Patients may be admitted to the Maternal Special Care Unit for premature labor, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other medical problems that can affect pregnancy.

Maternal Special Care Unit
Patients enjoy private rooms, and sleeping areas are provided for family members. Our specially-trained nursing staff provides not just expert care but also emotional support, which is crucial for patients and their families. Patients benefit from central fetal and maternal cardiac monitoring.

While most women are admitted to the Maternal Special Care Unit during their last trimester, other women are admitted as early as 20 weeks. Some women stay for the remainder of their pregnancy while others may come and go several times during their pregnancy. Women who are 19 weeks pregnant or fewer are usually admitted to the hospital's gynecology unit.

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