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Yale-New Haven Hospital's highly skilled team of nationally certified nurse midwives (CNM) is committed to low intervention and preserving your decisions around your birthing experience. Every attempt is made to abide by those decisions as long as the safety of the mother and child are maintained. The CNMs work collaboratively with physicians as needed to bring you a safe and satisfying birth experience. They provide a variety of birthing services as well as comprehensive gynecological care from adolescence through menopause.

Some questions:
1) Are ALL these folks CNMs? Some do not have designation ...
2) Where do phone numbers go? In a column next to each CNM? Or in the title row with the practice name? 
3) Where do locations go? With the practice is a given, but maybe also with the nurse midwife?

One possible treatment is the way Obstetrics & Gyn of North Haven is done below. List towns with the associated phone numbers in the practice title row, then list midwives with the town (office) from which they practice

Certified Nurse Midwives

Greater New Haven OB/GYN Group, PC
Hamden, Madison, New Haven, Orange
Phone number here?
Pamela Delerme CNM
(203) 248-5067
FPO Diane Presnick CNM
(203) 245-3850
FPO Margaret Withington CNM (203) 787-2264
FPO Kristin Nowak CNM (203) 795-5590

FPO Meghan O'Connor-Constantino CNM No phone
FPO Amanda Cripe, ??? No phone
FPO Melissa Lonergan ??? No phone
Obstetrics & Gynecology of North Haven, PC
Guilford, (203) 453-4766
Hamden (203) 248-4461
New Haven (203) 776-7540
Wallingford (203) 294-1003
FPO Claudia Bradley CNM All locations?
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