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Bone Center

The Bone Center is composed of a team of clinicians, nurses, nutritionists and therapists who are committed to providing comprehensive care to adults and children with bone diseases and related problems.

Bone Center
The Center provides clinical care to patients through a multidisciplinary team of specialists and caregivers, including endocrinologists, orthopedists, physical therapists and nutritionists. The physicians — all faculty members at Yale School of Medicine — have nationally recognized expertise in disorders of bone, calcium and phosphorus metabolism. The team has established a diagnostic mineral metabolism laboratory, which provides analytical services in support of treatment of patients with the most difficult disorders.


Osteoporosis is an area of particular interest and expertise at the Bone Center. The Center has developed a unique Bone Densitometry Unit that goes well beyond the traditional measurement of a patient's bone density. As part of the scanning procedure, the patient completes a thorough, six-page questionnaire detailing his or her medical and pertinent lifestyle history. Using that information, the clinician who analyzes the scan provides a narrative interpretation specific to the patient's particular condition and produces a concise consult. This has proven especially helpful to physicians and specialists who refer patients to the Center for further diagnosis and treatment.


The Bone Center also provides consultative support for Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center. Patients who undergo transplant surgery of the liver, kidney, heart or lung lose a tremendous amount of bone mass. With those patients now living longer, skeletal disease is emerging as a major impediment to their quality of life, and the Center's experts are involved in helping to minimize their risks.

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More generally, Bone Center therapists, specifically trained in the prevention and treatment of metabolic bone disorders, educate patients about ways they can improve their strength, maintain mobility and preserve a healthy skeletal system. A nutritionist, available for individual consultation, helps patients develop a correct diet that will promote good bone health. Nutrition classes are offered as part of that effort.

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