Ear Nose & Throat (Adult)

Ear Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology)

Otolaryngology is a specialized branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the ear, nose and throat (ENT) among adult and pediatric patients. Physicians in this healthcare area are often referred to as ENT specialists.

Ear Nose & Throat (Adult)

Otolaryngology at Yale-New Haven Hospital comprises four distinct programs: Head and Neck Cancers; General ENT, Allergy and Sinus; Hearing and Balance; and Speech and Swallow. Otolaryngology medical teams work closely with YNHH specialists in plastic surgery, dermatology, radiation therapy, oncology and oral surgery to offer the most effective treatment options.

Why YNHH for Otolaryngology Care

Each of the Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) programs at YNHH boasts a dedicated ENT team and a highly skilled support staff that includes speech and hearing specialists. Physicians in the program are all board-certified.

The Head and Neck Cancers Program at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, affiliated with Yale Cancer Center, features an experienced, multidisciplinary team that offers early detection, treatment and prevention of various cancers, including those of the lips, mouth, nose, sinuses, larynx, ears and skull. The Allergy and Sinus Program, in addition to caring for a full range of adult patients, has a dedicated Pediatric Otolaryngology program at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital. Specialists in the Hearing and Balance Program offer care to adults and children with disorders of the ear and conditions that affect hearing, balance and facial paralysis. Our Speech and Swallow Program -- in addition to addressing conditions affecting speech, language, voice, fluency and swallowing -- is recognized for treating disabled adults and children, as well as head and neck cancers patients.

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Otolaryngology Services We Provide

The primary mission of Smilow Cancer Hospital's Head and Neck Cancers Program is the early detection, treatment and prevention of diseases, tumors and other malignancies of the lips, mouth, nasal cavity, sinuses, larynx, pharynx, ears and skull base. In addition to specially trained surgeons, nurses and clinicians, the Head and Neck team includes skilled rehabilitation experts in helping adult and pediatric patients regain speech, swallowing and hearing abilities. Because these particular cancers require a wide spectrum of care, the program includes specialists in otolaryngology, medical oncology, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, dermatology, radiation therapy, head and neck radiology, and oral surgery.

If detected early, head and neck cancers are highly curable, usually with some form of surgery, although chemotherapy and radiation therapy may also be recommended. Newly developed laser surgery is used to treat throat cancers, allowing surgeons to remove tumors without an open incision in the neck. Breakthroughs in plastic and reconstructive surgery allow patients to restore physical appearances and functions.

Our general ENT, allergy and sinus services, staffed by ENT specialists and allergists, offers a variety of special services for patients with complicated allergy, asthma and sinus conditions. This includes allergy-desensitization shots, cosmetic nose surgery, external- and middle-ear surgery and noninvasive treatment for snoring.

The Hearing and Balance Program provides accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment to adults and children of all ages. ENT specialists deal with a diverse range of patients and disorders, including infants with hearing loss, toddlers with chronic ear infections and adults suffering from imbalance problems and vertigo. The staff coordinates with teams in neurology, geriatrics, head and neck surgery, craniofacial surgery and speech pathology.

The program was the first in Connecticut to utilize a state-of-the-art device, the Dynamic Postural Stability Platform, which was developed to rehabilitate patients with balance disorders. We also offer the latest surgical advances and hearing devices - for adult and pediatric patients - that help overcome the social stigmas surrounding hearing loss. Specialists at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital offer an exclusive hearing-loss screening for infants, as well as parent counseling and parent/infant training to deal with hearing and balance conditions.

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