Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine surgery is performed by a highly trained medical team devoted to the surgical evaluation and management of the full range of diseases and cancers affecting the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands and pancreas. In offering advanced minimally invasive and traditional procedures, our emphasis is on the safest, most successful surgery, with the least pain, trauma, scarring and fastest recovery time.

Endocrine Surgery

Why Choose YNHH for Endocrine Surgery

Yale-New Haven Hospital's Endocrine Surgery program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons. Our surgical teams, in aiming to provide the most effective care available, work closely with other specialists in medical oncology, diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. The program also serves as a respected training ground for the best and brightest general surgeons, and we maintain a fellowship in collaboration with the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons. Additionally, we have a group of dedicated researchers who participate in national and international clinical trials.

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Endocrine Surgery Services We Provide

Thyroid Surgery 
In treating the range of diseases of the thyroid — a butterfly-shaped gland in the center of the neck — thyroidectomy, or removal of a portion or all of the thyroid, is often recommended. Thyroid function can be replaced by an oral hormone medication that is well-tolerated.

Parathyroid Surgery 
The most common disease affecting the parathyroid glands — usually four pea-sized glands next to the thyroid — is hyperthyroidism, in which one or more of the glands becomes enlarged and produces too much parathyroid hormone. Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy is often recommended to remove the enlarged gland(s).

Adrenal Surgery
Diseases affecting the two adrenal glands, located on top of each kidney, usually are related to benign or malignant tumors. Adrenalectomy, or removal of the gland, can be done using either an open (an incision is made) or a laparoscopic (small incisions are made; thin tubes containing tiny cameras are inserted to guide surgeons) procedure.

Pancreatic Surgery
Diseases of the pancreas — a 6-8-inch, oblong gland that lies beneath the stomach — usually are related to different types of tumors or pancreatic cancer. Most pancreatic tumors require surgical resection (removal of part of the gland). Treatment for pancreatic cancer often involves surgery and chemo-radiation.

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