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Hospitalist Internal Medicine

The Hospitalist Internal Medicine team at Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) is an extension of primary care practices from surrounding communities. Similar to many medical centers across the country, we have established agreements with many community physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to care for their patients when admitted to YNHH.

While you are a patient at YNHH, you will be cared for by a Hospitalist physician and a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Hospitalists are doctors who specialize in providing care while you are in the hospital and are available 24 hours a day. Your Hospitalist team regularly discusses your care with your primary care provider while you are in the hospital and after you are discharged. After you leave the hospital, you will be seen by your primary care provider. If you do not have a primary care provider, we will refer you to one in the community for follow-up care.

Daytime Physicians

Daytime physicians coordinate a patient's care while he/she is in the hospital. They work together with outpatient providers, as well as with physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health care professionals to provide hospital-level care.

Nighttime Physicians

Nighttime physicians coordinate a patient's care in the hospital during nighttime hours.

Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners work as part of a patient's health care team along with a physician to provide hospital-level care.

Vicky Amon-Perpetua, APRN
Lee Asmus, PA-C
Eric Bergman, PA-C
Diana Campion, APRN
Heather Carney, PA-C
Ronald Castillo, APRN
Johanna Chelcun, PA-C
Jara Chen, PA-C
Natalie Coulis, PA-C
Beth Cusano, APRN
Kristen Cushing, PA-C
Will Cushing, PA-C
Janice Decho, PA-C
Janine DeFrank, PA-C
Angela DeLisle, PA-C
Michael Dugo, PA-C
Anita Dunn, PA-C
Doug Eldred, PA-C
Ruth Ferreri, APRN
Lisa Fox, APRN
Kelly Hahn, PA-C
Irene Haight, APRN
Daniel Heacock, PA-C
Tara Herbert, PA-C
John Hickey, PA-C
Kristen Hoxie, PA-C
Natasha Hutchinson, PA-C
Andrea Jacobs Stannard, PA-C, MPH
Tanya Kauffman, PA-C
Joann LaCerva, PA-C
Sean Lynch, PA-C

Erin Lyons, PA-C
Lisa Manca, PA-C
Karen Marlett, PA-C
Kyle McCormack, PA-C
Daniel McNamara, PA-C
Shilpa Mistry, PA-C
Andrea Niziolek, PA-C
Peter Ouellette, APRN
Jennifer Paeske, PA-C
Janelle Pacini, PA-C
Francesca Palladino-Welburn, PA-C
Maureen Pawlak, PA-C
Danielle Pazienza, PA-C
Ryan Petrowsky, PA-C 
Robin Phillips, APRN
Julie Pope, PA-C
Sarah Pryor, PA-C
Courtney Price, APRN
Graig Sanders, PA-C
Sheyla Santana-Marranca, PA-C
Diana Schumitz, PA-C
Lydia Segui, PA-C
Janiline Shepherd-Hall, PA-C
Jeanine Sico, PA-C
Stacy Spencer, PA-C
Jonathan Stewart, PA-C
Sue St. Jacques, PA-C
Kara Strippoli, PA-C
Adley Wong, PA-C

View a list of Primary Care Providers who refer patients to the Hospitalist Service

Bernard R. Adelsberg, MD
Michael Allegrini, PA
Catherine Arnold, MD
Horatio Balas, MD
Thomas J. Balcezak, MD
Jill M. Banatoski, MD
Kevin Baran, MD
Mary Bartlett, APRN
Clarice Begemann, APRN
Marina Blagodatny, MD
Steven J. Blander, MD
Tamar A. Braverman, MD
Anatoly Braylovski, MD
Richard Breier, MD
Laurie Bridger, MD
Jyoji Bristol, MD
Karen Brown, MD
Anne Camp, MD
Sunita Chhabra, MD
Paul K. Clarke, MD
Florence Comite, MD
Holly Craig, MD
William Crede, MD
Karen Dahl, MD
Mehul Dalal, MD
David J. Eilbott, MD
Jon Fessel, MD
J. David Gaines, MD
Samuel Geller, MD
Charles Glass, MD
Gidon Goldenberg, MD
Xiao Ming Hong, MD
Jaimy Honig, MD
Lee Jung, MD
Mark Kaspar, MD
Richard Kaufman, MD
Georgia Kelley, MD
Zadie Kenkare, MD
Michelle Kennedy, APRN
Judy Kleinstein, MD
Robert Lebson, MD

Nilda Leon-Smith, MD
Harold Levy, MD
Theresa Liao, MD
Eric Liben, MD
Esther Lu, MD
Elizabeth Magenheimer, APRN
Marc Mann, MD
Maria Mauldon, APRN
Denis J. Miller, MD
Victor A. Morris, MD
Barbara Mueller-Marquez, APRN
Monica Munteanu, MD
Kelly Nelson, MD
Emily Nolfo, MD
Ryan O'Connell, MD
David Parmelee, DO
Saima Pasha, MD
Katherine Perry, APRN
Ryan Fillipon, MD
Anitha Pothula, MD
Joseph Quaranta, MD
Andrea Radebold, MD
Dana Ranani, MD
Charles Rethy, MD
Richard S. Rhee, MD
Bjorn Ringstaad, MD
Edward Rippel, MD
Michael Rosenthal, MD
Michael C. Rubinstein, MD
Calie Santana, MD
Edward Scherr, MD
Mark Schwartz, MD
Ann Skopek, MD
Maria Stack, MD
David J. Stair, MD
David M. Stevenson, APRN
Lynn Street, MD
Kathleen White, MD
Stephanie Wilborne, APRN
Christine Wollschlager, MD
Lisa Woods, APRN

Medical professionals: To apply for a position on the Hospitalist Service, please visit the YNHHS Career Web site and select "Northeast Medical Group, Inc." for job location.

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