Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine

The Yale-New Haven Hospital Department of Laboratory Medicine is devoted to the study of the molecular and cellular material of blood and other body fluids to diagnose and manage illness. The department provides leading-edge clinical care, outstanding biomedical research and comprehensive education in the field.

Laboratory Medicine

Why Choose YNHH?

The YNHH Department of Laboratory Medicine touches virtually every patient at Yale-New Haven. Laboratory tests are a vital element of diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring for every disease from the most common to the very rare. Physicians rely on the lab medicine specialists to provide the expert diagnosis, second opinions and subspecialty consultation that are the basis for effective patient care.

Specialists in the Department of Laboratory Medicine perform tests for not only for YNHH patients, but also for patients throughout Connecticut. The department also handles specialized laboratory referrals from other hospitals, institutions and laboratories in southern New England and across the country.

YNHH Lab Medicine ensures that every test it offers is accurate and reliable. Each test is monitored by running specimens with known results, called "controls." The laboratory also compares the results of every test it does with those of hundreds of labs in nationwide "proficiency testing" programs. Additionally, the laboratory is frequently inspected by a variety of agencies that monitor laboratory quality.

Services Offered

YNHH's Department of Laboratory Medicine provides comprehensive blood draw services directly to patients in Connecticut and also provides reference laboratory to hospitals, large practices and throughout the regions.

The clinical laboratories provide an extensive menu or routine specialized and state-of the art laboratory tests to patients who seek care at YNHH and also provide reference testing to local physician practices and to other hospitals and institutions.

Facilities and Staff

YNHH's Department of Laboratory Medicine consists of phlebotomists (blood drawing specialists trained in the collections and processing of blood), medical technicians and technologists, pathologists as well as employees performing several support functions.

For the locations, telephone numbers and hours of operation of the YNHH blood draw stations, please click here.

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