Neurosciences (Adult)

Choosing a Neurosciences Center

Whether it's you or a loved one that requires care for a complex brain or spine disorder, choosing the right neurosciences center to fulfill your specific needs is essential.

Choosing a Neurosciences  Center


When it comes to treating complex brain and spine disorders, experience counts. Be sure to ask healthcare providers how much care they provide in the specialty you need, as well as their track record in their success in treating complex brain and spine disorders. Studies show hospitals that treat a high number of neurological and neurosurgical patients and perform large numbers of procedures and surgeries have better results.

Capabilities, Resources & Care

A good neurosciences center will offer comprehensive services, a wide variety of treatment options, the most advanced diagnostic technologies, and specialized facilities for outpatient and inpatient care. In the nation's best centers, you'll find these state-of-the-art resources supported by highly qualified, multidisciplinary teams that coordinate and customize care to meet each patient's unique needs.

Performance & Patient Outcomes

Nothing about a neurosciences center speaks louder than performance and patient outcomes. Statistics can't offer guarantees, but they are a good indication of how a center ranks among competitors. It is always a good idea to ask for and review data on performance and outcomes before choosing a center. A qualified center will have independent performance reviews, evaluations, and reports readily available. They should also be eager to discuss the numbers with you.


When choosing a neurosciences center, be sure to consider how convenient its location is for you, your caregivers, and loved ones to visit. Proximity to major highways and cities, distance to affiliate hospitals and organizations, convenience of parking, and area accommodations can be important factors when making your decision.

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