Neurosciences (Adult)
Neurosciences (Adult)


Yale-New Haven Hospital's neurosciences program brings together state-of the-art resources with the professional experience and expertise found at few other medical centers in the country. Physicians with established records of success in treating complex brain and spine disorders have at their disposal the newest technologies for diagnosis and treatment. They also benefit from immediate access to research from a world-class medical school. Patients will find themselves in the care of qualified, multidisciplinary teams that coordinate and customize treatment to meet their unique needs.

Why Yale-New Haven for Neurosciences

Our expertise in screening, diagnosis and treatment of complex brain and spine disorders offers patients a substantial breadth and depth of expertise rarely found in one medical institution. | more

on stroke

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S., but when it's recognized and treated quickly, the chances for recovery improve. Our nationally certified stroke center can make the difference. | more

Conditions and Treatments

Yale-New Haven Hospital offers the full gamut of diagnostic and treatment services for virtually every neurological disease or condition. | more