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271 Yale New Haven Health physicians among Connecticut Magazine's 'Top Docs'

Top DocsConnecticut Magazine has named 271 Yale New Haven Health physicians among the best in the state in its annual "Top Doctors" issue. The Yale New Haven Health physicians, who provide a wide range of specialties, were among 834 doctors throughout the state selected from the results of a questionnaire sent to 5,000 Connecticut physicians and then combined with Connecticut Magazine's surveys from 2011-2013.

Jossie S. Abraham, MD, Podiatry
Catherine Alonzo, MD, Urology
Robert A. Altbaum, MD, Internal Medicine
Jeffrey N. Alter, MD, Dermatology
Rahul S. Anand, MD, Anesthesiology
Ronald Angoff, MD, Pediatrics
Richard Antaya, MD, Dermatology
Paul Apostolides, MD, Neurosurgery
Vivan Argento, MD, Geriatric Medicine
David Astrachan, MD, Otolaryngology
Abraham Avni-Singer, MD, Pediatrics
John Awad, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Kenneth S. Backman, MD, Allergy Immunology
Philip M. Barasch, MD, Neurology
Sharon H. Barrett, MD, Dermatology
Michael C. Bennick, MD, Gastroenterology
Jonathan E. Bernie, MD, Urology
Richard A. Bernstein, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Douglas A. Berv, MD, Psychiatry
Gary S. Besser, MD, Obstetrics Gynecology
David A. Bindelglass, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Paula M. Bivelacqua, MD, Dermatology
Emily E. Blair, MD, Obstetrics Gynecology
Gary M. Bloomgarden, MD, Neurosurgery
Peter A. Blume, MD, Podiatry
Jean L. Bolognia, MD, Dermatology
James Bonheur, MD, Bariatric Medicine
Myron H. Brand, MD, Gastroenterology
Peter J. Branden, MD, Ophthalmology
Irwin M. Braverman, MD, Dermatology
Dante A. Brittis, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Henry S. Cabin, MD, Cardiology
Mark H. Camel, MD, Neurosurgery
Joseph A. Camilleri, MD, Urology
Christopher Canny, MD, Pediatrics
Hugh Carey, MD, Nephrology
Carolyn Carroll, MD, Dermatology
Domenic W. Casablanca, MD, Family Medicine
Michael A. Cassetta, MD, Rheumatology
Frank M. Castiglione, MD, Dermatology
Brenda Chan, MD, Nephrology
Victor A. Chang, MD, Oncology Hematology
Bradford S. Chervin, MD, Otolaryngology
Robert D. Chessin, MD, Pediatrics
Zeno Chicarilli, MD, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Jennifer Nam Choi, MD, Dermatology
Ronika D. Choudhary, MD, Obstetrics Gynecology
Tom K. Coffey, MD, Otolaryngology
Elin Cohen, MD, Pediatrics
Steven M. Cohen, MD, Radiology
John W. Colberg, MD, Urology
Michael Connolly, MD, Family Medicine
Richard C. Connors, MD, Dermatology
Leo M. Cooney, JR., MD, Geriatric Medicine
Dennis L. Cooper, MD, Oncology Hematology
John P. Daigneault, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Richard L. Danehower, MD, Rheumatology
Daniel Davis, MD, Podiatry
Robert V. Dawe, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Corinne E. de Cholnoky, MD, Obstetrics Gynecology
Richard J. Dean, MD, Urology
Brian M. DeBroff, MD, Ophthalmology
Jill G. Denowitz, MD, Internal Medicine
Frank C. Detterbeck, MD, Thoracic Surgery
Phillip S. Dickey, MD, Neurosurgery
Charles A. DiSabatino, MD, Rheumatology
John W. Dobbins, MD, Gastroenterology
Robert D. Dresdner, MD, Internal Medicine
David H. Dreyfus, MD, Allergy Immunology
Mitchelll H. Driesman, MD, Cardiology
Andrew J. Duffy, MD, Surgery General
Charles C. Duncan, MD, Neurosurgery
Israel Dvoretzky, MD, Dermatology
Patricia Ecker, MD, Ophthalmology
John W. Edelglass, MD, Dermatology
Richard L. Edelson, MD, Dermatology
John A. Elefteriades, MD, Thoracic Surgery
Peter J. Ellis, MD, Internal Medicine
Matthew S. Ellman, MD, Internal Medicine
Serle M. Epstein, MD, Internal Medicine
John A. Federico, MD, Thoracic Surgery
Irwin Feintzeig, MD, Thoracic Surgery
Alan H. Feldman, MD, Podiatry
Steven M. Feldman, MD, Otolaryngology
Neal A. Fischbach, MD, Oncology Hematology
Paul A. Fischer, MD, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Lawrence Fisher, MD, Cardiology
Robert F. Fishman, MD, Cardiology
Maryellen B. Flaherty-Hewit, Pediatarics
Robert S. Folman, MD, Oncology Hematology
Richard M. Freedman, MD, Pediatrics
Bruce G. Freeman, MD, Pediatrics
Peter W. Gardner, MD, Gastroenterology
Richard J. Garvey, MD, Surgery General
Paul A. Gaudio, Ophthalmology
Gerald Germano, MD, Pediatrics
Brett Gerstenhaber, MD, Internal Medicine
Gina Gladstein, MD, Ophthalmology
Geoffrey Gladstein, MD, Rheumatology
Edward H. Gleich, MD, Pediatrics
Barry S. Goldberg, MD, Dermatology
Philip A. Goldberg, MD, Endocrinology
Marjorie P. Golden, MD, Infectious Diseases
Judith Gorelick, MD, Neurosurgery
Donald R. Greene, MD, Dermatology
Gary Grippo, MD, Podiatry
Jeffrey A. Gruskay, MD, Pediatrics
Germano Guadagnoli, MD, Rheumatology
Joni Hansson, MD, Nephrology
M. Joshua Hasbani, MD, Neurology
Moshe Hasbani, MD, Neurology
Charles G. Hemenway, Jr., MD, Pediatrics
David Hessee, MD, Urology
William Hines, MD, Nephrology
Elizabeth H. Holt, MD, Endocrinology
Phyllis A. Holtzman, MD, Pediatrics
Nina R. Horowitz, MD, Surgery General
William Hunt, MD, Nephrology
Gordon J. Hutchinson, MD, Rheumatology
Silvio E. Inzucchi, MD, Endocrinology
Raymond J. Ippolito, MD, Surgery General
Gary M. Israel, MD, Radiology
Steven S. Jacoby, MD, Cardiology
Fred S. Kantor, MD, Allergy Immunology
Jeffrey N. Kaplan, MD, Ophthalmology
Michael J. Kaplan, Orthopedic Surgery
Martin E. Katz, MD, Oncology Hematology
Brian F. Kavanagh, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Georgia A. Kelley, MD, Internal Medicine
John Kelley, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Daniel Kellner, MD, Urology
Andrew S. Kenler, MD, Surgery General
Michael S. King, MD, Allergy Immunology
Lawrence P. Kirschenbaum, MD, Anesthesiology
Steven A. Kolenik, MD, Dermatology
Arnold B. Korval, MD, Pediatrics
Wang C. Lam, MD, Gastroenterology
Robert Lavallee, MD, Pediatrics
M. Sung Lee, MD, Oncology Hematology
David J. Leffell, MD, Dermatology
Seth P. Lerner, MD, Dermatology
Robert L. Lesser, MD, Ophthalmology
James D. Lettera, Thoracic Oncology
Andrew J. Levada, MD, Ophthalmology
Steven C. Levin, MD, Anesthesiology
Susan R. Levy, MD, Neurology
Kenneth I. Lipow, MD, Neurosurgery
Mark D. Litchman, MD, Allergy Immunology
Walter E. Longo, MD, Surgery General
Michael Magnifico, MD, Hematology Oncology
Suresh Mandava, MD, Ophthalmology
Richard J. Mangi, MD, Allergy Immunology
Cynthia F. Mann, MD, Pediatrics
Kenneth R. Mauer, MD, Gastroenterology
Ellen A. Markstein, MD, Dermatology
Thomas V. Martin, MD, Urology
Patrick P. Mastroianni, MD, Neurosurgery
Agnes Matczuk, MD, Allergy Immunology
Kenneth R. Mauer, MD, Gastroenterology
Adam B. Mayerson, MD, Endocrinology
Katherine C. McKenzie, MD, Internal Medicine
Christopher M. McLaughlin, MD, Surgery Colorectal
Gavin X. McLeod, MD, Infectious Diseases
Philip J. McWhorter, MD, Surgery General
Jay L. Meizlish, MD, Cardiology
Goran Miljkovic, MD, Infectious Diseases
Denis J. Miller, MD, Internal Medicine
Seth R. Miller, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Mark S. Milner, MD, Ophthalmology
Ellen B. Milstone, MD, Dermatology
Mary Jane Minkin, MD, Obstetrics Gynecology
Abraham Mintz, MD, Neurosurgery
Alan H. Morelli, MD, Pediatrics
Jeremy E. Moss, MD, Dermatology
Lawrence D. Muldoon, MD, Urology
Sandip K. Mukherjee, MD, Cardiology
Ellen S. Naidorf, MD, Dermatology
Thomas J. Nero, MD, Cardiology
Michael P. Noonan, MD, Dermatology
Michael J. Nurzia, MD, Urology
Paul Nussbaum, MD, Nephrology
John W. O'Brien, MD, Physical Medicine
Mark I. Oestreicher, MD, Dermatology
Michael E. Opalak, MD, Neurosurgery
Regina Palazzo, MD, Pediatrics
Edward Paraiso, MD, Urology
James F. Passarelli, MD, Surgery General
David Passaretti, MD, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Robert J. Patrignelli, MD, Dermatology
Adam W. Pearl, MD, Otolaryngology
Joseph M. Piepmeier, MD, Neurosurgery
John Persing, MD, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Lilijana Plisic, MD, Obstetrics Gynecology
David N. Podell, MD, Rheumatology
Brian Pollock, MD, Cardiology
Stanley G. Possick, MD, Ophthalmology
Gary Price, MD, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Vincent Quagliarello, MD, Internal Medicine
Joseph L. Quaranta, MD, Internal Medicine
Christopher Randolph, MD, Allergy Immunology
Jeffrey A. Ranta, MD, Urology
Vikram B. Reddy, MD, Surgery Colorectal
Alan M. Reznik, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Glen A. Reznikoff, MD, Hematology Oncology
Andrew Rice, MD, Podiatry
Glenn M. Rich, MD, Endocrinology
M. Clive Robinson, MD, Thoracic Surgery
Harry S. Romanowitz, MD, Pediatrics
Aron D. Rose, MD, Ophthalmology
David S. Rosenblum, MD, Physical Medicine
C. Cory Rosenstein, MD, Neurosurgery
Douglas A. Ross, MD, Otolaryngology
Daniel J. Rudolph, MD, Pulmonary Medicine
Alice H. Rusk, MD, Neurology
Kert D. Sabbath, MD, Oncology Hematology
Lloyd R. Saberski, MD, Anesthesiology
James R. Sabetta, MD, Infectious Diseases
Michael F. Saffir, MD, Physical Medicine
Camille G. Salame, MD, Neurosurgery
Ronald R. Salem, MD, Surgery General
Stephen J. Salzer, MD, Otolaryngology
Clarence T. Sasaki, MD, Otolaryngology
Zane Saul, MD, Infectious Diseases
Joseph L. Schindler, MD, Neurology
Jermone M. Schnitt, MD, Psychiatry
Adam E. Schussheim, MD, Cardiology
Peter E. Schwartz, Obstetrics Gynecology
Enzo J. Sella, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Kanaga Sena, MD, Neurology
Perry A. Shear, MD, Neurosurgery
Alan P. Siegal, MD, Psychiatry
Philip M. Simkovitz, MD, Pulmonary Medicine
Scott Simon, MD, Neurosurgery
Beata A. Skudlarska, MD, Geriatric Medicine
Jeffrey D. Small, MD, Urology
Peter A. Small, MD, Ophthalmology
Scott M. Soloway, MD, Ophthalmology
Dennis D. Spencer, MD, Neurosurgery
Musa L. Speranza, MD, Obstetrics Gynecology
Sydney Z. Spiesel, MD, Pediatrics
Julie E. Spivack, MD, Gastroenterology
Joseph F. Sproviero, MD, Allergy Immunology
Nicholas Stroumbakis, MD, Urology
John G. Strugar, MD, Neurosurgery
Thomas G. Takoudes, MD, Otolaryngology
Lynn T. Tanoue, MD, Pulmonary Medicine
Mark B. Taylor, MD, Gastroenterology
Francine M. Testa, MD, Neurology
Scott C. Thornton, MD, Surgery Colorectal
Mary E. Tinetti, MD, Geriatric Medicine
Patrick Tomak, MD, Neurosurgery
Peter C. Tortora, MD, Internal Medicine
Kevin J. Twohig, MD, Internal Medicine
Elmer Valin, MD, Bariatric Surgery
Nicholas Viner, MD, Urology
Eugenia M. Vining, MD, Otolaryngology
Stuart Waldstreicher, MD, Gastroenterology
Kalman L. Watsky, MD, Dermatology
Anthony G. Wayne, MD, Pediatrics
Mark H. Weinstein, MD, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Robert Weinstein, MD, Urology
Norman S. Werdiger, MD, Neurology
Shirvinda Wijesekera, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
David H. Witt, MD, Hematology Oncology
Abraham C. Yale, MD, Podiatry
Ken Yanagisawa, MD, Otolaryngology
Kai H. Yang, MD, Endocrinology
Joseph H. Zelson, MD, Pediatrics
Zhongqiu "John" Zhang, MD, Surgery Colorectal
Gary A. Zimmerman, MD, Neurosurgery
Kaye Zuckerman, MD, Surgery General
Felice R. Zwas, MD, Gastroenterology
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