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Registration for Epic training has begun at YNHH

Online registration for Epic training is now open. All employees who will use Epic must register for training by Friday, October 19 for training that begins in mid-November.

Employees register for Epic training on Skillport, a site similar to Health- Stream, at The employee enters his/her user ID and the password epictrain.

Training will be tailored to the needs of the employee's role and will include:

  • E-learning sessions that take 5-15 minutes each and set the stage for the classroom training;
  • Instructor-led classroom training sessions of 2-6 hours each at the Institute for Excellence, 300 George Street;
  • The after-class "playground" that allows users to practice Epic as they will use the software on their units, or in their clinics or practices.

Managers will be able to track their department's registration progress through weekly status reports.

The York Street Campus will implement Epic on February 1, 2013, and the Saint Raphael Campus will go live on June 1.

With six months of Epic experience under its belt, Greenwich Hospital (GH) created a series of shadowing opportunities for YNHH staff. Last month, more than 100 managers and clinical leaders went to Greenwich for half-day sessions where they could see how their GH colleagues use Epic.

"It was very helpful to see how nurses are using Epic in their daily practice," said Rose Tangredi, RN, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. "Epic does a good job of capturing patient information so it will cut down on our asking patients the same question more than once — which they don't like, understandably."

Tangredi's Greenwich colleagues stressed the importance of training because it familiarizes users with the screens and practice makes navigating them much easier after go-live.

"At YNHH, we are used to drop-down menus but bar-coding IV fluids and medications in Epic will be new for us," said Tangredi.

"The training is really going to help. The more exposure people get, the easier it will be."

Tami Moe, system director of implementation, ITS, is responsible for ensuring that YNHH employees are trained in Epic prior to go-live.

"Greenwich employees trained heavily for Epic, had a highly successful implementation and are now a tremendous resource for us," said Moe. "With weekend and evening classes, we are making training as accessible as possible for doctors, nurses and all staff who will use Epic. Training starts with registration so it's vital that everyone register by October 19."

Yale-New Haven Hospital news release

Yale-New Haven Hospital is a nationally recognized, 1,541-bed, not-for-profit hospital serving as the primary teaching hospital for the Yale School of Medicine. Yale-New Haven was founded as the fourth voluntary hospital in the U.S. in 1826. Today, the hospital's two New Haven-based inpatient campuses include Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital and Smilow Cancer Hospital. YNHH has a combined medical staff of about 4,500 university and community physicians practicing in more than 100 specialties. YNHH's York Street campus and associated ambulatory sites are Magnet-designated by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

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