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Cultural Integration Oversight Committee to help integrate both campuses

How do two different hospitals — with distinct histories, cultures and traditions — become one?

"Finding common ground and building on one another's strengths is a good place to start," said Cindy von Beren, executive director, Catholic Heritage and Cultural Integration.

"Our most important tools are conversation, cooperation, coordination and collaboration. The missions of Yale-New Haven and Saint Raphael's have always been quite similar and we are building on our shared similarities," added von Beren, who is one of the committee leads for one of Yale-New Haven Hospital's newest committees, the Cultural Integration Oversight Committee (CIOC). Yollanda London, manager, Strategy Planning/Business Development, Ambulatory Services Division, is the other committee lead.

The CIOC began to meet in August, with representatives from both the Chapel Street (CSC) and the York Street (YSC) campuses. The group — which is co-chaired by Kevin Myatt, senior vice president, Human Resources, and James Staten, executive vice president, Finance — discusses and makes decisions concerning traditions, behaviors, similarities and differences between the once-separate hospitals and helps drive changes that will bring about a smooth integration over time.

Just as thousands of policies and job descriptions had to be standardized in advance of the September 12 integration, the committee is considering issues, large and small, on both campuses, some of which might change.

For example, YSC celebrates patient care associates in November; CSC has recognized clinical technicians in May. YSC raises the Donate Life flag in front of the York Street entrance whenever a family donates a loved one's organs; CSC sounds chimes every time a baby is born. The committee is also discussing community involvement and employee engagement.

"Do both campuses need to become exactly the same?" asked Myatt. "Absolutely not. Our goal is to integrate enough to feel and act like one hospital, without losing what makes each campus special."

Myatt and Staten encourage employees on both campuses to bring ideas, issues and concerns they would like discussed to committee members for consideration. "This group is a voice for employees and physicians as we work toward unifying our organization," said Staten.

Chapel Street Campus

Kathleen Bruenn, manager, Laboratory Medicine
Judy Catalano, RN, manager, Customer Service and Guest Relations
Gary Kaml, MD, Trauma, Surgery
Celeste Milligan, Organizational Development
Lenore Reilly, RN, patient service manager, MICU
Ramo Rizvani, contract manager, Environmental Services
Enid Rodriguez, senior employee relations specialist, Workforce Development
Dorothy Ventriglio, assistant director, Outreach Services
Cindy von Beren, executive director, Catholic Heritage and Cultural Integration

York Street Campus

Michael Bennick, MD, medical director, Patient Experience, and associate chief, Medicine
Sue Fitzsimons, RN, PhD, senior vice president, Patient Services
Jeannette Hodge, director, Patient Relations, Volunteer and Guest Services
Yollanda London, manager, Strategy Planning/Business Development, Ambulatory Services Division
Cathy Lyons, RN, clinical program director, Oncology Nursing
Dorinda Manner, senior employee relations specialist, Employee Relations
Jay Morris, vice president, Education, and executive director, Institute for Excellence
Katie Murphy, associate director, Marketing and Communications
Vincent Petrini, senior vice president, Public Affairs
David Wurcel, vice president, Corporate Business Services
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