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Saint Raphael Campus staff already ahead of schedule for Epic training

For one employee on the Saint Raphael Campus, training to become an Epic super user started even before the York Street Campus went live.

David Perlmutter, RN, Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), was the first SRC super user to train on the York Street Campus before the campus went live on Epic on February 1. Perlmutter — a computer science major before deciding to go to nursing school in his senior year of college — was a natural SRC candidate for early training. He took the full complement of five 4-hour classes to prepare to be a super user and will help other super users as they train.

"As I started to learn and understand Epic, my goal was to begin to understand the differences between how nurses do things now on this campus — and how we will do things in Epic when we go live on June 1," said Perlmutter.

"The early training really helped me to understand where we are going and how I can better help the process," said Perlmutter, who is now working with his managers on developing a list of items that will help nurses when they begin to document in Epic.

"Epic makes information readily available and readable," said Perlmutter. "It's also very intuitive but there are some items that at first are not easy to find. My goal is to help users in the early days of documenting in Epic — that will relieve some pressure when time is of the essence."

As an example, in training, Perlmutter could not immediately find where to document central venous pressure so that's one of the items he will include in his list to help nurses.

"Physicians and staff on the Saint Raphael Campus are showing tremendous support for Epic which is key to a successful go-live," said Lisa Stump, vice president, Epic Project, who notes that more than 95 percent of staff are registered for their courses.

"Going totally to an electronic record is a big leap for Saint Raphael's staff but they have a great approach to training," said Stump. "When they begin to use the system, they will appreciate how Epic supports their patient safety efforts — a driving force on all YNHH campuses."

Nearly 425 SRC super users will train through the end of March and end user training begins on Monday, April 1 at 300 George Street. SRC physician training is available onsite. More information is available at

"Epic represents a huge shift in how we document our patients' care," said Perlmutter. "I think once we are trained and using Epic in our daily practice, we will appreciate how it improves documentation, ensures correct delivery of medication and tracks the patient's care throughout the Yale New Haven Health System. My only advice to employees is to take advantage of the training and the playground — they really are great preparation."


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