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Shoreline Medical Center ED opens four new treatment rooms

Just as the summer season begins and the number of summer residents and tourists increases, YNHH's Shoreline Medical Center Emergency Department has added four new treatment rooms so it can better handle its steadily increasing volume.

The Shoreline Medical Center opened in June 2004 and the ED was open just eight hours a day, seven days a week. Within two years, the ED hours had expanded to 16 hours a day and in 2007, the ED had 19,000 patient visits. In July 2008, it became a 24/7 operation in order to meet patient demand throughout the year. Last year, the Shoreline ED treated close to 25,000 patients.

"The Shoreline Medical Center is a tremendous success story because it provides a much needed service to shoreline residents and visitors," said Cynthia Sparer, senior vice president, Operations.

"As demand has increased for the ED's high-quality emergency services, we have been able to grow and meet the needs of this community," said Sparer. "In addition, our staff make such a positive impression on patients that they routinely rank the Shoreline ED at the highest levels in patient satisfaction."

Each of the four new treatment rooms offer a new suture light that beams direct light on a patient who need stitches. Each also comes outfitted with a stretcher chair that can recline more quickly than a standard bed if the patient needs immediate care. The TV remote and call button are now integrated into one device for easier patient and staff use. The Shoreline ED now has 12 exam rooms.

"We designed these four treatment rooms with the patient's care and comfort in mind," said Harry Moscovitz, MD, medical director, Shoreline ED. "This expansion allows us to place patients in a room more quickly and begin their exam and care more efficiently. Members of the shoreline community have responded positively to their ability to get Yale-New Haven clinical care and expertise where they live and play."

According to Sparer, YNHH is planning to add another four to five rooms to the Shoreline ED in 2014.

"We continue to invest in bringing Yale-New Haven Hospital-quality ambulatory services to where our patients live," said Sparer, noting the recent opening of the North Haven Medical Center and growth of Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Centers. "We make it convenient for people throughout Connecticut to access the care for which Yale-New Haven is known nationally."

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