Thank you for choosing Yale-New Haven Hospital. We recognize that important choices must be made when selecting a hospital, and appreciate your confidence in us. Our entire staff promises to work hard to meet all of you and your loved ones needs and expectations-before, during and after your stay.


Choosing Yale-New Haven Hospital


Experience. Innovation. Tradition. Excellence. These are just a few of the many reasons that Yale-New Haven Hospital consistently ranks among the best hospitals in the United States.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Patient- and family-centered care describes the way the healthcare team at Yale-New Haven Hospital partners with patients and families to ensure that the best interest of patients is the foundation of our care.

While You're Here

What to Expect

Thank you for choosing Yale-New Haven Hospital for your healthcare needs. We work hard every day to meet—and exceed—your needs and expectations.

Patient Rights And Responsibilities

Yale-New Haven Hospital supports the rights of all patients and expects its staff and physicians to observe and protect these rights as a part of patient care. The prevention and treatment of disease, the education of healthcare professionals and patients, and clinical research must be conducted with an overriding concern for the patient and the recognition of the patient's dignity as a human ...

Your Visit or Stay

Having to visit or be admitted to the hospital for any reason can be stressful, especially if you're not prepared. Knowing what your experience at Yale-New Haven Hospital will be like and making the necessary preparations ahead of time can help you relieve some of that stress and get the most out of your visit to or stay in the hospital.

Patient Relations & Services

Our experienced and friendly patient relations professionals are here to help patients and family members who have questions, concerns, unmet needs, require special services and assistance or need disability-related accommodations during their visit or stay at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

At Yale-New Haven Hospital, we work hard to ensure the privacy of patients and maintain the confidentiality their information and medical records. Like all accredited healthcare institutions, we follow a federal law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is designed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of patient...

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Medical Records

Patients treated at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital or Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital can request a copy of their medical records by faxing or mailing the appropriate, signed Authorization for Access/Release of Information form per the instructions below.