3T MRI Integrated Neuro Suite

3T MRI Integrated Neuro Suite

With the installation of the 3 Tesla MRI neuro suite by IMRIS, Yale-New Haven Hospital was the first hospital -- and remains one of the few hospitals -- in the nation to offer intra-operative MR imaging and biplane x-ray angiography for a wide range of neurosurgical and neurovascular procedures. This revolutionary technology with multi-functional capabilities provides high-quality MR images before, during and after a neurosurgical procedure - without ever moving the patient.

Intra-operative MR-guided Neurosurgery

Our seamlessly integrated operating room provides surgeons with images and data they need to make decisions - at any time before, during or after a procedure - to resect a tumor or to surgically treat epilepsy, aneurysms or AVMs. This makes our surgeons uniquely positioned to assess the condition of a patient's brain tissue before closing the surgical site.

With the 3T MRI Integrated Neuro Suite, the patient is the central focus of every procedure.

Integrated Imaging for Neurovascular Care

Yale-New Haven's advanced multi-modality image guided therapy suite provides images and data needed to make personalized treatment decisions and interventions using MR imaging and x-ray angiography - all in a single integrated system. With both imaging modalities accessible on demand, our clinicians are able to visualize the structure of arteries and assess the condition of a patient's brain tissue before, during and after neurovascular interventions.

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