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Bone and Joint Center

The Bone and Joint Center at Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus is designed to meet the growing demand for joint replacements and other needs of orthopedic patients. The dedicated orthopedic unit is staffed by experienced clinicians who coordinate the full scope of services patients need to prepare for, undergo and recover from joint replacement surgery. 

Bone and Joint Center

Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus is a leader in joint replacement with over 1,000 procedures each year, as well as the leader in Connecticut for bilateral (replacing both knees or both hips at the same time) joint replacement.

Our expert orthopedic surgeons also perform more single joint replacements - including knee and hip surgeries, as well as joint replacements for shoulder, ankle, hand and wrist, and big toe - than any other hospital in the region. The Bone and Joint Center at Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus is part of an $11 million wing of the hospital.

Our surgeons use the newest joint replacement implants and materials to help increase joint longevity. Our current technology for knee replacement surgery includes computer-assisted surgery, which may enable the surgeon to make more accurate bone cuts and provide a more balanced knee.

We were the first hospital in New England to offer a new type of artificial knee, made from oxidized zirconium, that lasts significantly longer than traditional knee implants, made from cobalt chrome or titanium. Its ceramic surface produces less friction and resists roughening more than the metal surface of cobalt chrome. It is strong enough to withstand heavy loads. We also offer gender-specific knees, trabecular metal knees, and computer-guided surgical procedures.

At Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus, we provide general orthopedic surgery and care, providing services in fracture repairs, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery for children, and treatment and repair of abnormalities caused by illness or accidents. We offer arthroscopy for the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle and wrist (including carpal tunnel repair), and spine surgery, including surgical procedures for discs and spine fusion.

Care continually focused on you

Today's joint replacement surgery is designed to help you resume your active lifestyle quickly and with confidence. The Bone and Joint Center's highly trained staff includes orthopedic physicians, most with special training in joint replacement procedures, residents, physician assistants, registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, physiatrists, and anesthesiologists.

Our program begins with teaching you what you'll need to know before surgery at one of our preoperative classes, and continues with physical and/or occupational therapy while you're still in the hospital. To ensure the quality and continuity of the care you receive while a patient in the Bone and Joint Center, physician assistants are part of the staff of the Bone and Joint Center. These hospital employees support and assist the work of your physician, helping with monitoring your surgical incisions and providing pain management assistance.

Your recovery may continue at an extended rehabilitation facility, such as the Grimes Center. We'll follow your progress once you're home and can help you arrange home care.

For more information, please call 203.789.4140. To schedule a preoperative class, please call 203.789.3258.

Grimes Center

Whether you are recovering from an elective surgery or sudden illness, Grimes Center offers the most comprehensive and holistic rehabilitative care available. Grimes Center is dedicated to guiding and supporting you to better health.

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