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Keeping You Comfortable

Maintaining an environment conducive to healing

Hospitals can be very busy places and it is important to stay mindful of each patient's need to rest and heal. Because of this, Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus does its best to maintain a quiet environment, especially during the evening. We've designated 10 pm - 6 am as "quiet hours" and have put some guidelines in place to help with this. These include:

  • Dimmed lighting
  • Shutting down patient's telephones by 9 pm for incoming calls
  • Offering patients earplugs to assist their rest
  • Asking visitors and staff to paying special attention to keeping their voices low
  • Limiting the use of overhead paging systems
  • Setting beepers on "vibrate"
  • Looking for other ways to diminish equipment and work-related noises during these hours.

Your role in the management of your pain

One of our goals is to make you as comfortable as possible and minimize any pain you may be experiencing during your hospitalization. We will regularly ask you about your pain level during your stay to help you in deciding your comfort level with "0" being no pain and "10" being the worst pain you've ever experienced. Be sure to discuss your pain with your physician as our staff will follow your physician's orders for your pain management.

Smoke-free environment

Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus is a 100% smoke-free environment. This means no tobacco use of any kind is permitted inside hospital buildings, in parking lots or garages, on the sidewalks directly adjacent to the main building (Chapel, Sherman, George and Orchard Streets) or anywhere on the grounds of the hospital's facilities, including satellite locations. This policy applies to all patients, employees, medical staff, vendors, visitors, and volunteers.

Television service

We offer free basic cable service for all patients. We also offer general patient education channels and special channels just for Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus patients that offer educational and/or general information of interest including hospital activities, general announcements, Mass schedules and volunteer information. Two stations many patients find of interest are:

  • The CARE Channel (number 18): featuring relaxing visuals and music to provide you with a more meditative and quiet environment.
  • The Chapel Channel (number 5): A special 24-hour channel on our television system provides a view of the hospital chapel and spiritual music for your personal reflection. Catholic masses are broadcast at 7:30 am and noon each day.

If you are having problems with your television, please inform your nurse.

Patient Food Services

As a patient at Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus, you will be asked questions about your diet including food allergies, cultural, ethnic or religious dietary preferences before you are admitted or cared for short-term. While your physician will specify your diet order, you will have menu choices within the parameters set by your doctor.

A member of our Food Services staff will introduce him/herself to you and your family once you are admitted, will explain our Catering to You Service and will provide a menu of options including Chef's specials for the week. Our Food Services staff is here to help with recommendations and requests for special orders.

Ask about special dietary alternatives

In general, we can accommodate special and altered diets such as:

  • Low salt/low sodium
  • Diabetic
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher
  • Low lactose
  • Gluten-free
  • Low cholesterol (heart healthy)
  • Low protein or low potassium (renal/kidney)
  • Pureed or liquid diets
  • Food allergies
  • A pediatric menu is available

The regular meal/serving schedule is

Breakfast: 7 am - 9:30 am
Lunch: 11 am - 2 pm
Dinner: 4 pm - 6 pm
The serving hours are a general guideline. Food delivery times vary from floor to floor in different patient units.


Special arrangements can be made for meal service for new mothers who have just delivered in the obstetrics/maternity unit. The "Anytime Menu" lets Mom's order from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Food Services will send it up.

NOTE: In the event you are admitted late, scheduled for a test or procedure during serving hours or otherwise unable to eat during the scheduled meal delivery times, accommodations will be made for you.

Daily newspaper delivery

An outside vendor delivers a variety of local and national newspapers daily to the hospital for purchase by patients and staff. If you would like to receive a paper, please alert your nurse. You can pay for your newspaper at the time it is delivered.

Spiritual Care

Our Spiritual Care department offers services to our patients of many different faiths. You may always request a visit from a chaplain and your own clergy are welcome to visit at any time if you chose to alert them to your stay. Our Catholic patients may receive communion any night they choose and there is a special Chapel channel on our television (Channel 5 - see description above). Begin and end your day with a spiritual reflection at 8 am and 8 pm broadcast over the overhead paging system.

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