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Special needs

If you or the person(s) who will be accompanying you to the hospital have any special needs, particularly that may impact care, please let us know in advance by contacting our Patient Relations Department, 203.789.3508.  This may include special equipment, assistance or consideration for persons with physical, mental or other limitations; the need for translation services; wheelchair assistance/mobility issues; or who are deaf or hard of hearing.  By sharing this information in anticipation of your visit, we can be prepared to accommodate your needs when you arrive.  Patient Relations is also able to assist you with assuring all your needs are met, including the communication of those special needs to your care providers.

Mobile Cart Transportation

The hospital is handicapped accessible. To accommodate patients or visitors who may need assistance getting around the main floor of the hospital, we offer free mobile cart transportation during regular business hours and visiting hours. You can pick up the cart ride from the information area at the George Street Garage entrance. Rides cover the entire first floor of the hospital and can drop you off at the closest elevator to your destination.

Wheelchairs are also available to assist with mobility.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We use a phone-based company called CyraComTM to assure we can communicate with those who do not speak English:  203.789.3508.  The service is very accurate and can be used by patients, family members and medical professionals. A broad number of languages are available. We also have video translation services for clients who require American Sign Language to communicate and volumizers for those who may be hard of hearing.  Speak with your nursing staff for more details.

Also see Directions & Parking for information on Discounted Parking and Escorts to your car.

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