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Cancer Services

At Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus, our nationally recognized physicians and staff offer state-of-the-art cancer treatment with the compassion that is key to healing.

Cancer Services

Whatever the course of treatment - surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination, you'll receive top-quality care, in an environment of holistic support for the patient and family.

Our clinical staff, including medical oncologists and radiation oncologists, specialize in treating many forms of cancer, including brain, breast, head and neck, liver, pancreas, prostate and thoracic (including esophogeal and lung) cancer.

Our reputation as a leader in cancer treatment dates to the 1950s when we opened the first self-contained radiation center in southern New England. Today, we treat 24,000 cancer patients each year - 90 percent as outpatients. We offer cutting-edge technology like CyberKnife®, a revolutionary form of radiosurgery that destroys even inoperable tumors anywhere in the body with pinpoint accuracy. And we continue to pave the way for better care by participating in clinical research trials to help determine the effectiveness of new cancer-fighting drugs and treatments.

Team approach for well-rounded treatment plan

Our medical staff uses a team approach that combines the expertise of many clinical specialists to develop an individualized care plan to guide each patient from diagnosis through treatment to recovery and beyond. Our center in New Haven provides a base for many outpatient treatment programs, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy, as well as for programming to support patients and their families.

Cancer Patient Navigator

If you've been told you have cancer, we understand that your anxiety is high and that you may not be sure what to do next. Our patient navigator can help find your way through the complex process of tests, diagnosis and cancer treatment.

As a cancer patient, you will receive:

  • Personalized attention to get your questions answered and your appointments scheduled
  • Counseling & compassionate support every step of the way
  • Enhanced communication with your healthcare team (oncologists, radiologists, nurses and more)
  • Assistance in identifying local resources
  • Access to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resource
  • Flexible scheduling tailored to your individual needs

The patient navigator is your personal guide for cancer services.

For more information, please call 203.867.5479 or email: Our toll-free number is 866.291-HOPE (4673).

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are underway at Yale New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael campus. Most of our current clinical trials focus on cancer patient's quality of life, and treatments for cancers of the breast, prostate and lung. Our research team is committed to searching for new ways to improve cancer patients' quality of life while preserving the dignity of those who are not cured. Our hope is to find additional, and perhaps even better cancer treatments for patients.

The multi-institutional trials in which we participate are part of a larger effort taking place at more than 250 major research institutes throughout the United States and Canada.

To learn about specific treatment guidelines for each trial, please call 203.789.3545.

Financial Counseling

Financial issues can cause stress, even when we are in the best of health. When you are not feeling well and incurring medical bills, handling your finances can become overwhelming. At our cancer center, we offers the following types of assistance:

Financial counseling is available to help patient and family members fill out insurance claims and federal and state program paperwork. This can make dealing with financial matters easier and less stressful for you and your family. Our financial counselors can identify, assist and support patients who need financial assistance. They are trained in Medicaid processing, Title 19 and General Assistance. They can also give you information about our financial assistance programs.

Hospital Bed Funds - The hospital has donated funds available to pay for patients who qualify for free care. You must apply to the hospital for these funds, some of which contain certain restrictions.

Financial screening for radiation therapy patients who:

  • Have no insurance coverage
  • Have Medicare coverage but no supplemental insurance; or
  • Express concern about being able to pay the remaining balance once their insurance carrier has paid.

These patients will be considered for the hospital's financial assistance program and evaluated for Title 19 medical coverage. The hospital's financial assistance program can only cover hospital expenses. Applying to Title 19 is beneficial to the patient because it provides coverage for both hospital and other medical services, such as prescriptions. Additionally, upon review, it may be determined that the patient is eligible for state or Medicare disability. In these cases, the patient would be informed and directed to the proper agency for application.

To initiate the evaluation process, patients who fall into any of the above three categories will be asked to provide data to complete the hospital's financial application process and the referral for Title 19 medical coverage. This data may be taken during an interview by registration staff so that the only action required from a patient is giving a signature.

Once these forms are complete, they are forwarded to a financial counselor for processing and evaluation. The financial counselors work with the radiation therapy staff to obtain any additional information from the patient and to inform the patient of the final decision.

Inpatient Oncology Unit

The Inpatient Oncology Unit, located on Verdi 4 West, is dedicated to cancer care. The unit is designed to ensure patient comfort and privacy.

This 22-bed unit offers sophisticated cancer care, as well as social, emotional and spiritual support services. Staffed by highly trained specialists including physicians, nurses, a case manager, pain control experts, social workers, spiritual care staff, dietitians and volunteers.

The unit features:

  • A computerized nurse call system to contact nurses quickly and easily
  • Two private isolation rooms to accommodate patients with or at risk for infection
  • Five double rooms
  • Automated pain management
  • Large meeting spaces for families
  • A special hospice room with home-like décor
  • A family and consultation room with a private bathroom, enabling loved ones to remain close to severely ill patients.

To reach the Inpatient Oncology Unit, please call 203.789.4166.

Looking Forward Integrative Wellness

Looking Forward is a multi-faceted, nationally recognized integrative wellness, support and education program that helps cancer patients and their loved ones deal with the many issues related to this disease. It helps cancer patients take control of a seemingly uncontrollable situation. Looking Forward gives patients the information and support they need - essential elements in the recovery process. Learn more.

Spiritual Care

We place great importance on the pastoral care available to all of our patients, their families and staff, regardless of denomination. Learn more.

Survivorship Program

Healing doesn’t stop when your cancer treatment ends. Beyond the physical recovery after a cancer diagnosis and its treatment, there are also emotional, spiritual and psychological challenges. That’s why the “Life Beyond Cancer: A Survivorship Program” is so important. Just as we partnered with you during your diagnosis and treatment, we’re here for you during your journey of life beyond cancer.

Our survivorship program is designed to prevent, detect and manage complications from cancer and its treatment as well as focusing on health and wellness promotion after treatment is done.

Focusing on your physical and emotional well-being, the survivorship program guides you on a healing path to regain your energy, strength, peace of mind and overall well-being. It provides you with services from an oncology nurse practitioner, oncology social worker, holistic nutritionist and patient navigator.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing your medical history and a physical exam
  • Assessing cancer recurrence
  • Identifying and managing cancer-related symptoms and/or treatment
  • Cancer screening recommendations
  • A health promotion plan with nutrition, exercise, support groups and smoking cessation
  • Treatment summary and follow-up care plan involving your primary care physician

In addition, the program offers extended services such as assistance sorting out bills, insurance and personal finances. You’ll also have access to the Looking Forward Integrative Wellness Program and its many resources.


New Haven

At Yale-New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael campus, we offer cancer patients and their family members convenient access to a comprehensive array of services within one location. We are focused on providing responsive, convenient and sensitive care. From the moment patients park in the dedicated area in front of the building, to the bright and comfortable reception area, to visiting their physician or receiving therapy in well-equipped and uniquely designed treatment rooms, the Center makes treatment easier and less stressful.

659 George Street, New Haven
(203) 789-3131 | Map

The Center is open daily from 7 am to 4:30 pm. Free, convenient, dedicated parking is available to all of our cancer patients. Help is available to get to and from your car. The entrance to our parking lot is located on George Street.

Medical and spiritual care staff are also on call to provide 24-hour emergency services. After hours call (203) 789-3000.


At our Hamden facility, we provide state-of-the-art cancer services, from radiation therapy to medical oncology, easy access to physicians, and educational and supportive services for patients and their families-including integrative and complementary therapies.

Key services include radiation therapy (external beam radiation therapy, IMRT - intensity modulated radiation therapy, and IGRT - image guided radiotherapy), physician consults and follow-up visits, lab services, social services and nutrition services.

2080 Whitney Avenue, Hamden
(203) 867-5622 | Map


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