Room With A High Tech View

Yale-New Haven Hospital is using Epic, a medical record system that combines all patient information into a single computer system that improves caregivers’ ability to review information and treat patients.

Epic generates an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), which is a computer version of a paper chart. It brings together all of the information that used to be written on paper and stores it digitally.

Epic also pulls together registration, scheduling, billing, insurance information and electronic medical records all in one secure, unified information technology system. Epic enhances and streamlines the healthcare experience. It will help eliminate redundant exams and shorten the time physicians wait to receive test results or diagnoses from other providers.

The EMR contains a patient’s medical exams, office visits, hospital procedures, test results, x-ray and other imaging results, medications, allergies and more. The EMR links patients’ care from their primary care physician’s office to the hospital to an outpatient facility and back home to their computer.

All Yale School of Medicine physicians are using Epic, and many community physicians affiliated with Yale-New Haven Hospital will also use Epic to electronically document the care they provide in their offices. When patients from these practices are admitted to the hospital, information from those visits will be available to the hospital team providing care. Epic gives physicians and Yale-New Haven Hospital the tools to build a safer and more connected healthcare environment for patients. With Epic, patients have the ability to track their care from home through MyChart, a secure patient portal. They can access portions of their medical records from the internet, view test results, communicate with their health providers, renew prescriptions, manage appointments and link to helpful medical information.

For more information about signing into MyChart, please speak with your primary care physician.