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This site is intended for communication of health information with broad appeal to the general public, Yale-New Haven Hospital patients and other health care consumers. Authors of content work with the site's editor to ensure the content supports the hospital's vision guiding site development.

The information conveyed on this site is intended to supplement a person's general knowledge and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Site visitors are advised to seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult a physician before starting a new fitness regimen.


Written permission has been obtained from the copyright holder to post any information or graphic material for which Yale-New Haven Hospital does not possess copyright or a license to use.

Clinical material

All clinical material is prepared in a format suitable for the general health care consumer. Clinical material that is educational in nature and highlights the services available at Yale-New Haven Hospital will be posted. Specific diagnostic and treatment advice is generally not included.

Privacy policy

The site maintains policies concerning the use of information gathered from site visitors. For more information, see our Notice of Privacy Practices and Personal Information Policy

False Claims and Payment Fraud

This hospital is committed to providing information about the federal False Claims Act; about our efforts to combat fraud, waste and abuse in the hospital; and about the remedies and fines for violations that can result from fraud. For more information, see our False Claims and Payment Fraud Prevention Policy.


This site strives to be accessible to as many of its identified target audience as feasible within the site's financial constraints.

Referring links

Where appropriate, links are provided on this site to material outside of Yale-New Haven Hospital's control. In general, the organizations to which we link are nonprofit or governmental organizations. Commercial sites are linked when similar resources are not available elsewhere. Yale-New Haven Hospital includes such links for the convenience of the user, but does not control or take responsibility for their content.


This site does not accept advertising.

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We offer email contact points where possible to foster ease of site use and two-way communication. We attempt to provide a response within 10 business days upon receipt.