Pediatric Ethics Committee

Sometimes hospital care can involve difficult ethical decisions. In addition, disagreement with regard to how to proceed with treatment may sometimes occur. Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital has a Pediatric Ethics Committee that is available on short notice to discuss such cases.

This group, chaired by David C. Hersh, MD, PhD, consists of physicians, nurses, clergy, medical ethicists, community members and others, with many years’ experience consulting in such situations. The committee does not have the authority to determine patient care, and serves in an advisory capacity only, but it is often helpful to families or staff facing difficult decisions. Anyone, such as the patient, family, friend, or staff, is welcome to contact the Pediatric Ethics Committee by calling 203.688.2320. Or, you can simply ask your nurse or physician to make the request.

Learn more about the Ethics Committee at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

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