Preparing for Your Child's Visit

On the day of surgery, you should arrive at the hospital one hour before the procedure. Valet parking is available for pediatric outpatient surgery patients and is free on the day of surgery only. There is a charge at other times. Families bringing children for inpatient surgery may also use valet parking, but there is a fee. The Pediatric Surgery Center is on the third floor of the Children's Hospital.

The day of your child's surgery

  • Please be sure a parent or legal guardian accompanies your child.
  • Two adults should be present to accompany your child home.
  • Plan to have an adult caregiver at home to stay with your child during the day and night after surgery.
  • If possible, please make arrangements for siblings and other children to remain at home so you will be available for your child undergoing surgery. Please note that siblings may not be able to go in all areas of the hospital due to age and safety restrictions.

Please bring:

  • Results of blood work if done at an outside lab
  • Insurance information, identification and legal guardianship, if necessary
  • A list of your child's medications
  • Favorite toy or DVD, pacifier, bottle or sippy cup, blanket and/or other comfort item.

Guidelines for eating and drinking before surgery

  • Do not give your child any solid food after midnight the night before surgery.
  • Give the last bottle of formula (or tube feeding) so that it is finished 6 hours before the time of surgery
  • Plan the last breastfeeding so that it is finished 4 hours before surgery.
  • You may give clear liquids up until 2 hours before the surgery. Clear liquids include apple juice, water or unflavored Pedialyte. Your child cannot take anything by mouth, not even water, for two hours before scheduled surgery.


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