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Visitor Information


Visiting Hours and Policies

Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital encourages patients hospitalized on the inpatient units to maintain contact with family and friends, but we reserve the right to limit visitors based on clinical considerations. Each unit has its own visiting hours and policies. Please call 203.688.9704 to inquire about visiting. They will provide information about visiting hours and direct calls to the appropriate staff.

Visitor Guidelines

We reserve the right to limit the number of visitors, telephone calls or the duration of visiting, and phone hours if unit conditions warrant such limitations.

As indicated by the program descriptions, the therapeutic environment is intensive. While we encourage patients to maintain positive relationships with family and friends, unstructured time is kept to a minimum, as both patients and staff work diligently to make the progress required that will enable the patient to move to a less-structured environment.

  • Patients have the legal right to decline visitors. We recommend that visitors check with the patient before they plan to visit.
  • Upon arrival at the YNHPH reception area, all visitors must present identification and acquire a visitor's pass. Visitors must wear their pass at all times while they are on YNHPH premises.
  • Visitors who appear to have used alcohol and/or illicit drugs prior to their visit, or who engage in unsafe or inappropriate behavior, will be asked to leave the premises and are likely to be prohibited from visiting again.
  • Weapons, potentially dangerous objects, alcohol, illicit drugs and medications are prohibited.
  • Use of cell phones on patient units is prohibited.
  • All items brought for patients will be examined at the unit's nursing station. Electronic equipment must be battery-operated; electrical cords are not permitted.

Important Phone Numbers

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Tobacco-free Policy

Yale-New Haven Hospital is a tobacco-free hospital. Smoking or other tobacco use is not allowed in hospital buildings, property, sidewalks or garages.

If you use tobacco products and would like medical assistance to stop, please speak with a physician or nurse. Other resources include the CT Quitline, a telephone help line offered free of charge by the Connecticut Department of Health that provides cessation counseling, quitting information and support; and, provided by the Tobacco Control Research Branch of the National Cancer Institute.

Patient Information

By policy, staff of the hospital cannot provide information of any kind regarding a psychiatric patient's condition or even acknowledge that one is a patient to anyone other than the patient's legal guardian or designee.

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