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More than 103,000 people are currently waiting for organ transplants. Sadly, about 18 a day (nearly 6,600 a year) die waiting.

When it comes to rallying its citizens to commit to organ donation, Connecticut is one of the states with the most work to do. That's why the Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center (YNHTC) is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of organ donation. Led by Sukru Emre, MD, the YNHTC team works with several organizations, including the New England Organ Bank, to recruit potential donors.

Revolutionary Progress

It wasn't long ago that only siblings, usually twins, could donate to one another. Today, thanks to astonishing advances in medicine, donation among strangers is common. Other factors such as vastly improved immunosuppressant drugs and ground-breaking strides in organ, eye and tissue donation offer patients and their families exciting new hope. Further, revolutionary surgical techniques like living donor transplantation have played a significant role in expanding the number of patients who can be saved.

Building Awareness

Despite all of our progress, the need for donors continues to increase. We are dedicated to increasing the number of potential donors through education and outreach initiatives such as organ donation awareness events on the New Haven Green. And we find ways to help donors and recipients tell their stories. Perhaps most importantly, we help develop a culture of organ donation by developing a successful transplantation program.

Amazing Advances

Living donor liver transplantation, a relatively new procedure, is possible because the liver regenerates over a very short period, ranging from several days to eight weeks. So when the surgeons remove a piece of the donor's liver, the part that remains in the donor actually grows back to its original size. Advances like this energize us and make the need for donor awareness and education even more important.

Become a Donor

If we all sign up, we can save each other. Learn how you can become a donor and save a life.