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Yale New Haven Hospital has a number of programs and practices designed to protect our environment by eliminating the use of hazardous materials, reducing the use of natural resources and promoting the use of environmentally friendly products wherever possible.

“Investing in the health of our communities and acting as stewards of our environment are integral to Yale New Haven Health’s mission, vision and values.”

- Marna P. Borgstrom, President and CEO
Yale New Haven Health System


YNHH recognized for commitment to going greener

YNHH recognized for commitment to growing greener

Yale New Haven Hospital works to reduce waste and promote recycling throughout its campuses, and has received awards for its efforts.

 Practice Greenhealth, a national organization for healthcare facilities committed to environmental responsibility, presented YNHH with three awards:

  • The Emerald Partner for Change award recognizes healthcare facilities with a significant number of environmental programs. YNHH was selected for purchasing and using products that are more environmentally friendly, reducing waste, making food donations to local organizations and promoting efforts in the operating rooms to conserve energy and use practices that protect the environment. In addition, YNHH partners with area farmers to sell locally produced foods.
  • Two Circle of Excellence awards, which recognize the top 10 hospitals for outstanding performance in specific areas of expertise.

In addition, VHA, Inc., a network of not-for-profit healthcare organizations, recognized YNHH with its Sustainability Award for implementing environmentally-friendly programs.

Sustainability in our kitchens and cafeterias

What is 67 inches long, 52 inches high, is made of shiny stainless steel and can gobble up more than 50 pounds of discarded food every 30 minutes? The YNHH Food and Nutrition Services department’s biodigester, found in one of our food services kitchens. This eco-friendly food disposal system quickly and safely decomposes virtually all organic food waste including meats, fruits and vegetables, breads and dairy products.

In addition, to support the health of our customers and the environment, YNHH purchases healthier beverages, creates balanced meals and supports the local economy by buying from local food producers. These efforts help protect animal welfare, reduce hormones in food and conserve water.

Kitchen biodigester


Recycling machines

The hospital has single-stream recycling throughout clinical and non-clinical areas at both campuses, so patients, visitors and staff can put all types recyclables into one bin vs. having to separate bottles, cans and other recyclables. YNHH is also the only Connecticut hospital with an OR recycling program, which diverts all hard plastics, cardboard, paper and glass waste items. 

Other sustainability efforts

Paperless pay stubs

Paperless pay stubs: YNHH employees can access their pay information online to decrease the use of paper.

Waste management: To meet federal guidelines designed to keep the environment safe, Yale New Haven Hospital meets specific requirements for disposing of certain types of waste, including drugs, and papers containing confidential information. These types of waste are stored and removed separately from regular garbage.