Discharge and Going Home

We try to discharge patients before 11 am, although there are sometimes unavoidable delays. We make every attempt to let you know the day before discharge, so you can arrange transportation. Your physician or nurse will inform you of your child's discharge time. Please be patient with the discharge process. The staff wants to ensure that all care is completed before your child is discharged. If your child requires home care or has special care needs after his or her stay at the hospital, the care coordinator will help you set up appropriate services.

Discharge Instructions

Your child's doctor and nurse will give you instructions about post-hospital care. If you have questions about your child's diet, medication, activities or other matters, please be sure to ask. If you have questions after you get home, you can call the nursing station on your unit and speak with a staff member.

  • Please check your room and surrounding area carefully for all of your child's belongings. Double-check closets and drawers.
  • Children cannot be discharged without an appropriate car seat.

Follow-up phone calls after discharge

You may receive a follow-up phone call a few days after discharge to see how your child is doing. If you are clear about your discharge instructions, and if you have any suggestions about what could have done better while your child was in the hospital. If you do not receive a call and have questions or suggestions, you may contact patient relations directly during business hours.

Going Home

Returning home can be an adjustment. Your child may be eager to get back to the usual routine, but a little uncertain of how to proceed. Some simple steps may help make the adjustment to home as easy as possible.

  • Return the child to his or her regular home routine and give your child responsibilities that match his or her abilities.
  • Give him or her some choices over what to eat or do.
  • Permit the child to express anger, frustration or sadness and offer reassurance and support.
  • Avoid leaving your child for long periods of time or overnight until he or she has settled in again.


In most cases, your physician will prescribe one or more medications for your child to take or use at home. You should fill these prescriptions promptly after leaving the hospital and follow your physician's instructions closely.

Prescription Assistance Program

After discharge, some patients are eligible for prescription discounts -- regardless of health insurance or pharmacy benefits.

Learn more about Prescription Assistance