Your Child’s Stay

Your Child's Hospital Room

We try to have each child in a single room, but occasionally we need to place a child in a room with another child. Please talk to your child's nurse if you would like our help in making your child's stay in a double room more comfortable. Most patient rooms include a bed or crib, a cot or couch for a parent to sleep on, a bathroom and shower that parents can use, a television with a DVD player, a bedside table and a telephone. Let us know if your child prefers a bed or a crib; however, cribs are sometimes recommended for younger children for safety.

Overnight Hospital Stays

In keeping with our patient- and family-centered care approach, parents and guardians are welcome 24 hours a day. Generally, one parent or legal guardian is welcome to stay overnight. There is a family room on most units with a microwave, coffeemaker, table and chairs.

Your Meals

YNHCH offers a "room service" meal program designed specifically for parents or family members who wish to dine with their child during meal time. Our menus are designed to appeal to children and teens alike, with a wide range of choices.

Room serving dining costs $5 (one meal card) for breakfast and $10 (two meal cards) for lunch or dinner. Please ask a member of our unit staff to provide you with a brochure if your admission packet did not include this guest room service information.