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Pediatric Gender Program

We offer a safe, supportive resource and support center for children, adolescents, and young adults who are exploring their gender identity, as well as for their families.

We provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary care for youth who are questioning their assigned gender and/or seeking gender-affirming consultation and care. Our multidisciplinary team includes pediatric endocrinologists, a psychologist, psychiatrists, a medical ethicist, and a lawyer. We work closely together, and also consult with a wide array of specialists. Together, we are committed to providing care in compassionate and respectful ways.

We offer a variety of care options related to gender affirmation. These may include: 

  • Puberty-blocking treatments
  • Cross-hormone therapies
  • Gender-affirming surgery (available only for patients aged 18 and older)

At the first gender affirmation visit, patients and their families will meet with one of our pediatric endocrinologists and a mental health provider experienced in gender variance. We will discuss the risks and side effects of any proposed care options, and work together to learn what support systems are already in place and determine what else our patients may need.

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