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Welcome from Yale School of Medicine Dean Robert J. Alpern, MD

It is a pleasure to welcome you to New Haven and Yale School of Medicine as you begin your graduate medical education at Yale New Haven Hospital.

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Our medical school faculty oversee the training of more than 950 interns, residents and fellows each year and work closely with the hospital's leaders to ensure the highest standards of instruction, patient-centered care and patient safety.

Founded in 1810, Yale School of Medicine has a long tradition of leadership in medicine and biomedical science. Chemotherapy was developed here, and Yale New Haven is where the first life was saved by penicillin in this country, in 1942. The list of clinical innovations at Yale includes one of the early prototypes for an artificial heart pump, the invention of continuous electronic fetal heart monitoring, the first newborn intensive care unit, rooming-in for newborns and the invention of the insulin pump for diabetes mellitus. The close proximity of Yale scientists and physician-scientists to patients and clinicians has led to the identification of Lyme disease, as well as disease genes for hypertension, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, Tourette syndrome and Crohn's disease.

Our full-time faculty of approximately 1,200 physicians are collectively committed to mentoring the next generation of leaders in medicine, and we are delighted that you have joined us. You will find that the culture, the advanced facilities and the shared environment of Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital are all dedicated to pushing forward medical research and working to bring that information to the bedside, working hand-in-hand with every member of the healthcare team.