Medical Staff Policies

Code of Conduct

This document applies to the interactions of Medical and Affiliated Medical Staff with other Medical and Affiliated Medical Staff, house staff, employees, patients and visitors.

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Conflict of Interest

Each member of the medical staff is expected to act in the best interest of YNHH patients by preventing outside activities or financial interests from interfering with the obligation to provide appropriate patient care.

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Dress Standards

Members and Affiliated Members of the Yale New Haven Hospital Medical Staff are expected to adhere to professional dress standards when attending to patient care at the hospital.

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Focused Professional Practice Evaluation

This policy outlines the process for conducting focused professional practice evaluation and it applies to all members of the Medical Staff and Affiliated Staff.

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Granting Disaster Privileges Policy

Information on credentialing physicians who are not members of the Y-NHH Medical Staff in cases of declared emergency or disaster to ensure that volunteer physicians are competent to provide safe, adequate care, treatment and services.

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Guest and Observer Policy

This document outlines requirements for practitioners who are not members of the YNHH Medical Staff but wish to participate in patient care delivered at YNHH.

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Hand Hygiene

This policy addresses hospital standards regarding hand hygiene and contact precautions.

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Medical Staff Health

The aim of this policy is to educate and prevent health problems among medical staff and if possible, to identify those who have them through self-referral or report, and to remediate and rehabilitate to the extent possible.

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Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation

This policy outlines the process for conducting ongoing professional practice evaluations.

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Patient Coverage Arrangements

This policy outlines the process for patient coverage by Medical Staff for Yale New Haven Hospital inpatient sites of practice.

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This document defines the situations in which proctoring may be required and sets forth the potential types of proctoring to be employed.

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Reference Letters

This policy outlines acceptable sources for references and confidentiality provisions.

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Sub-Committee Review of New Applications

This policy outlines the process by which the Sub-Committee reviews new Medical Staff applications.

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Temporary Privileges

This policy identifies when temporary privileges may be given to Medical Staff Members and affiliates.

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Use of Fluoroscopy by Non-Radiologists

This policy outlines the use of fluoroscopy by Non-Radiologists.

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Patient Transfers