SkyHealth emergency patient transport helicopter is staffed by highly skilled medical professionals, including a critical care flight nurse and a flight paramedic. The SkyHealth transport team is vital in providing life-saving treatment for patients in critical medical situations en route to Yale New Haven or Bridgeport hospitals, including the Connecticut Burn Center at Bridgeport Hospital.

Designed specifically for helicopter EMS use, SkyHealth has the latest technology and safety features. It meets and exceeds all safety recommendations set forth by the National Transportation Safety Bureau and includes advanced satellite tracking to monitor aircraft position, air traffic and weather so that every flight is a safe one. The crew is equipped with night-vision goggles for secure flying in the dark.

Response Time

On average, it takes five to seven minutes from the time a call is received until lift-off. Though flight times vary depending on distance and weather, the helicopter can often cover 25 miles in about 10 minutes. SkyHealth travels within a 200-mile radius of New Haven, CT.