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Julian's Story

In 1994, Julian Sproule was enjoying a very successful career. A native of the U.K., Julian was working in the London office of Michael Bloomberg, future mayor of New York and founder of one of the world's most influential news organizations. Then things took a turn for the worse.

That year, Julian was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, a serious and potentially life-threatening kidney infection. While doctors monitored his condition, Julian knew that it was only a matter of time before he would need a kidney transplant. Finally, after a return trip from New York, the hospital informed him that if he was to avoid dialysis, it was time.

In 1995 Julian received his new kidney. Four years later, he and his wife relocated to the states. In England, Julian was regularly monitored by his team of physicians at St. George's Hospital, where the transplant was performed. Now that he was in America, he would need to find a top hospital capable of managing his condition. "I found out by asking people in the states who looks after kidney patients, and Yale New Haven did." recalled Julian.

When Julian received his kidney, it wasn't a perfect match. That can mean complications down the road. But 15 years after the transplant, Julian is past most statistical horizons for his condition. Self employed, he has business interests in California and the U.K. Next year, he plans to sail a boat to Japan.

Julian attributes his remarkable health and longevity to the care he has received at Yale New Haven. According to Julian, his care team has kept him on his toes and making sure he does what he needs to do to maintain his health. "Even though they have thousands of patients going through this, they get to know you very well personally." says Julian. "You are dealing with people who are at the forefront of this treatment. And I think that's quite unique."